In the latest episode of Anupamaa, we will watch that Pakhi is getting sad recalling her pampering moments with her parents. Just then Kinjal brings her milk and asks why are you blue, she asks if it is because of the mummy. Pakhi says that after fewer days her mother will be gone from here. She shares with Kinjal her and Anupama moment, she says she used to yell at her mother even then she calms me down. She says that she always underestimate her. She further says that she used to avoid going along with her in her school functions.


Anirudh and Kavya are returning home and Anirudh asks Kavya if she is sure about Vanraj, She says she is quite sure about Vanraj and he also wants to marry her. Kavya says that she won’t change her decision, so, don’t attempt to divert my mind. Anirudh says that he isn’t manipulating her, he just wants to make her trust in Vanraj. He says that it doesn’t matter if he is spending some time with his wife. Kavya replies that she is concerning because he has gone along with a woman with whom he in a relationship for many years.

Pakhi there is sinking in her own sorrow and continuously thinking about how she and Toshu underestimate and humiliate Anupama. Anirudh there says they spent a quite toxic relation for many years as her priority is work and mine is her. He says that whatever happened now they are good friends and should share their feelings with each other. He further suggests trusting in her relationship otherwise things will get worse. Pakhi there is thinking too much and says that she doesn’t want that her mother and father will get separated.

Rakhi stays at Shah’s residence due to curfew, Mamaji and Bapuji wake up in the night and Bapuji asks him to go and meet Rakhi. Bapuji asks him to get sleep instead. Mamaji says that he better try once, but just then one of his thought wherein Baa is slapping him stops him. Meanwhile, a lady thief barges into the house. Rakhi there is finding it difficult to sleep along with Baa due as she is snoring, she goes to drink some water. Mamaji comes and again starts flirting with her. She asks her to stay away, while the thief is hiding in the kitchen. The episode ends, stay connected with Social Telecast for further Anupamaa written update.

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