Today’s episode of Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali begins with Amruta. She tells her mother Sulochana that she took revenge on Pallavi as she had become the reason for her humiliation earlier. Sulochhana hugs Amruta. On another side, Sharda and Nikhil go out while Pallavi questions Raghav why did he humiliate her in front of her family. This will be shown in today’s episode. Let’s find out what happens from the beginning. The scene begins with Pallavi trying to convince her family that whatever Raghav has stated is nothing but a complete lie. Her Baba accuses her of running the family’s reputation.

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali Written Episode MHRW 24th April 2021 Update: Pallavi's Baba Cut Ties With HerPallavi begins to cry and asks him to punish her if he wants but not to accuse her falsely. She says that she only lied to him about the shop and apart from that, she never lied to him. Pallavi adds that Raghav has troubled her a lot. She informs her family how he kidnapped her earlier and even had tried to take her life. Pallavi’s Baba asks her to explain why she did not listen to his advice when he had asked her not to meet Raghav Rao from now on.

Pallavi’s Baba adds why she was interested in doing business with him and why she went to his house then. Baba gets angry at Pallavi. He drags Pallavi and throws her out of the house and even shuts the door at her face. Baba tells her that there is no relationship left between them and even warns the family to maintain distance from her. On another side, Farhad tells Raghav that he didn’t do right by humiliating Pallavi.

He adds that he has never imagined that he can go to such an extent where he ruined an innocent girl’s life completely. Raghav asks him to shut up as he did absolutely right. Pallavi walks on a deserted road and cries thinking her Baba’s words. Another side, Raghav reaches her mother’s house. He gets angry seeing someone has written bad words on the wall.

Raghav takes off his shirt and tries to remove the abusive words written on the wall. Later, he leaves the place and on his way, he finds Pallavi. The latter cries and threatens him that he will face severe consequences as well. In the upcoming episode, Raghav’s mother will ask him to marry Pallavi or else she will not step her foot in his house. Raghav gets shocked. Watch Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali (MHRW) on Star Plus at 6:30 PM.

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