In the latest episode of Pinjara Khubsurti Ka, we are watching that Mayura is informing Shankar that she taking a leave from there. Manjiri asks Omkar to better give the ransom and bring back his daughter. Meanwhile, Megha comes to Akhilesh and asks why is he looking that stressed. Mayura comes there and asks Akhilesh that you can tell Megha as she is already aware of everything. Megha asks Mayura the reason for this staring, Mayura replies that she never know that she could all these. Mayura discloses the things and says alleged to Megha that she kidnapped Tara for money.

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka Update 6th April 2021 Written Episode: Megha Betrays MayuraMegha says that she asked her to give me money to settle down his debts. She says that Sanjay has lost all of his investment and she is pregnant. Dadi says that you have to come to me if you are facing any kind of financial crisis. Megha replies that we aren’t talking about pennies and it is quite a big amount. The inspector there managed to trace the location of the kidnapper and informs the same to Omkar. Omkar there is thinking that Nurse Nayan is behind this kidnapping.

Omkar asks the inspector and Tara isn’t found and asks him for a quick investigation. The Police go to Nisha’s house to enquiring, Nisha’s parents say that they don’t know about Tara. In between Mayura goes there disguised as nurse Nayan and Omkar shows her arresting warrant. Akhilesh got scared and Mayura says that she wasn’t involved in any kind of kidnapping. Omkar says that you can as you need money a lot. Manjiri asks the police to arrest Nayan. Police asks the inspector to stricken the investigation and asks about Tara. Mayura asks them to stop as they can’t do anything. But Omkar didn’t listen to her and in compulsion, she reveals her identity.

In between, neighbours come along with Tara and says that she finds her outside his house. Akhilesh takes Tara inside, Tara comes to her senses. The inspector asks Omkar if Mayura is saying right. Omkar agrees and says that she is my wife. Akhilesh there call to inform Mayura, but instead of Mayura, Manjiri received the call and she came to know that he finds Tara and she is in their house. They all go to Mayura’s house and see Tara there. Tara says that Angel Mother asks her to hide and a random uncle offers her a bar of chocolate and then she slept.

She further says that she comes here and meet Nana and Par Nani etc. Omkar takes Mayura from there and says that he will register a complaint against her. But Megha comes to that console her and says that she will help her in getting Tara back from Mayura. But, later, Mayura received a court letter sent by Omkar and wherein a warning for Mayura to stay away from Tara or face the law. Mayura came to know that Megha turned to Omkar’s side and betrayed her.

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