In the latest episode of Pinjara Khubsurti Ka, we will watch that Vishaka and Mayura enjoying insulting and fooling Omkar in front of everyone. Mayura says that she is feeling like that she is meeting her daughter after many years. Meanwhile, Megha goes to Aksnsha and offers her juice which is tempered due to which Akansha lost her sensed and faints. Mayura is heading to Akansha, Megha says that along with the love of your mother and father you also need your aunt’s love. Mayura reached there but Megha already took Tara from there before Mayura reached.

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka

Vishaka asks who can do this, Mayura thinks that it may have Megha kidnapped Tara. She tells Vishaka that she might know who captivate mu daughter and calls to Akhilesh. Mayura asks Akhilesh about Megha, he informs that Megha is not here she is missing. Mayura says that she came here disguised as a maid and kidnapped my daughter. She further says that Megha must join Omkar again and that is why she did this to her. Mayura says that she has to find her daughter anyhow before Megha takes Tara to Omkar.

Megha there calls OMkar and tells him that Tara is along with her aunt and she will look after her and you take care of my bank accounts. Later, Mayura goes to Omkar’s house along with Police and alleged Omkar for kidnapping Tara. She asks the inspector to look at her daughter in the house, he does the same while Omkar comes and asks Mayura how faces do you have. He further says that it is my counter for you Mayura says that we will see further.

Tara wakes up there asks Megha who is she, Megha introduces herself as her aunt. Tara says that she wants to go to her mother. But Megha asks her to speak to his father, Megha calls Omkar, but Omkar doesn’t answer the call because Mayura is standing in front of him. Tara again says that she wants to go to Mayura, Megha says that your father will pick you up from here and will take you to your mother. Megha again calls Omkar as Tara is insisting on her mother. Omkar there challenges Mayura that she can’t do anything in front of him.

Later. Tara fools Megha and escapes from there, Omkar comes there and Megha tells him everything. Tara calls Mayura and tells her about the location but her phone gets switched off in between. Mayura along with Vishaka reached there asks about Tara to the same lady. She informs that Tara called her father as her phone got switched off and she went with him. Tara gets Shocked and the episode ends. Stay in the loop for more written updates on Pinjara Khubsurti Ka.

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