Police Accuse Preeta Of Killing Akshay


So far in Ekta Kapoor’s hit daily soap named Kundali Bhagya, it was shown that Preeta and Karan celebrated the festival of Holi with much enthusiasm. After some time, the Luthra family saw some happening moments inside the house. On that auspicious occasion, the couple romanced with each other. It was undoubtedly a treat for the viewers as Kritika’s marriage track was going in Zee TV’s show for so long. However, the romantic scenes between Karan and Preeta didn’t last long as shocking news came forward soon after.

Written Episode Kundali Bhagya 2nd April 2021 Today's Update: Police Accuse Preeta Of Killing AkshayActually, Akshay dies in between this Holi celebration. It came as a shock to the entire family while everyone is suspecting Preeta of his death. On another hand, Sherlyn suspects Prithvi and thinks that he must have killed Akshay as he was involved with Akshay in blackmailing Kritika. Preeta also finds out that Prithvi has killed Akshay. So to make Prithvi confess his crime, Preeta will make a plan along with Shrishti. In today’s episode, Preeta and Shrishti will mix some Bhaang in Prithvi’s drink.

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They will think that by doing this, Prithvi might confess that he has killed Akshay. Meanwhile, Sherlyn sees Preeta and Shrishti mixing Bhaang. She will understand that the sisters are up to something and trying to trap Prithvi. Sherlyn will make a plan and pick the glass of Bhaang and hands it over to Kritika. However, the glass will fall from Kritika’s hands as someone will collide with her.


Later, Preeta will announce a competition between Karan and Prithvi. She will declare that the guys will compete against one another as to who drinks the Bhaang more. Prithvi will become extremely competitive to win the task so will drink many glasses. After a while, Prithvi will feel dizzy. Preeta and Shrishti will give each other a victory kind of look. Besides the competition, cops will arrive at Luthra’s house. They will accuse Preeta of murdering Akshay. Karan will get extremely shocked after hearing the accusations.

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Police will even present some pieces of evidence against Preeta and will prove that Preeta murdered Akshay. Whereas, Mahesh will also gain consciousness. Karan will find out about it and will rush to the hospital to meet him. This is the upcoming story of Kundali Bhagya. Read the complete written episodes on our site and know if Preeta proves herself innocent or will get imprisoned. Follow to get all the updates of the daily soap.



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