The show is going in a very good manner and its audience is just loving all the twists in the show. Well, in the latest episode you will be watching some more amazing things that we have watched in yesterday’s episode. As we all know, Pragya was looking for a lawyer and no one was ready to take Abhi’s case, but when she went to Sarita, she gets happy to know that Sarita has the lawyer who will fight for Abhi. Tonight you will watch Ranbeer gets into Tanu’s house.

Kumkum Bhagya Today's April 27th 2021 Written Update: Pragya To Find Another AdvocatePrachi tries to explain Sahana through a phone call as she wants to meet Tanu. Ranbeer sneaks inside of Tanu’s house where he sees Tanu having drinks with a stranger. Suddenly she gets a call from the police station and soon she leaves her home. There Prachi who is eagerly waiting to approach Tanu does not see her going out of the house, she goes and rings the doorbell. There in the next scene, Ranbeer breaks Tanu’s house window and enters her house to get some information that can help him.

After entering the house he gets confused, that where he should start from the investigation, he makes a call to Aryan for help because he knows about the places where his mom can hide all proofs. Meanwhile, Ranbeer enters Tanu’s room to resume his search, there Prachi realizes that the doorbell is not working and she decides to enter the house from the window that is used by Ranbeer.

After getting inside the house she steps towards the room where she sees Ranbeer. Pragya gets to Raghuveer Mishra (lawyer) that is recommended by Sarita. Pragya talks to the lawyer but as usual, he also denies taking the case because he also knows all the risks involved. The episode is going to be very amazing and the story is still stuck at the point where Pragya is bent on trying to get the lawyer.

Everyone is refusing to study the case but she does not give up. Hit the comment box and let us know what do you think how far will the search go of Pragya to get the lawyer. Well, there is much more things to watch and to get all the latest written episode update of the show stay tuned with us and stay safe at your home.

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