In the latest episode of Molkki, we are watching that Purvi is saying that she understands how it feels to not be with their loved ones. Just then she noticed Virender and gets emotional but she handles herself before Virender sees her and wipes her tears. Virender is also thinking about Purvi, just then Sudha comes there and asks him to go to Purvi and tries to talk to her and she leaves. Sudha brings food for Sakshi, she says that she also wants to enjoy the Holi celebrations. But Sudha says we will get into trouble if someone sees us there.


But Sakshi says that she wants to go outside and she hasn’t enjoyed this festival for many years. Sudha gets agrees with Sakshi after many requests. Sudha says that she will take her to the terrace and from there she can seeing enjoying the colours there. While Sudha is taking Sakshi upstairs Anjali sees them. Later, Anjali sees that there is someone standing on the terrace. She goes after her and taps on Sakshi’s shoulder, Sakshi turns but Anjali doesn’t recognise her face due to the colour applying on her face. But Sudha comes at the right time and says that she is my cousin. She takes her here because she drunk Bhang.

Molkki 22nd April 2021 Episode

Virender there who is sad because of Purvi’s decision drinks too much Bhang and get inebriated. He continuously drinking Bhang and everyone tries to stop her. Meanwhile, Purvi comes and says takes glasses from her. Virender asks who are you to stop him from drinking. Purvi says that she is her wife but Virender says I haven’t seen any wife leaving her husband and kids over trifles. Later, Virender plays Dhol is circling around Purvi. She tries to leave and in between someone applies colour on Purvi and Virender slaps him and says no one will apply colour to Mukhiyain. The man apologised.

After creating much nuisance, later Virender again grabbed Purvi’s wrist. Purvi says that it is all because of the Bhang effect when you will get sobber you will again start humiliating me. He apologises to her and asks her if she won’t talk to me ever again. Virender says not until if I say that he only loves Sakshi in his life and now he gives her place to Purvi. Sudha there is taking Sudha outside, just the Prakashi stops them and they both get worried. Get the complete Molkki written update on Social Telecast.

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