The most amazing TV reality show Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 is arriving near the decisive phase, under which the show is spreading the magic among the viewers. The show also has a tag of the most agonistic show due to a statement which passes by the housemates. In the house, more than 9 contestants are living and their motto is the same to win the show. So here you can get to know about each and everything of this upcoming episode of it along with the voting result.

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 (BBKS8) Episode Update 14th April 2021: Prasanth Sambargi Leads The TaskThe upcoming episode of it starts with where you will watch that Bigg Boss gives them a task, in which Bigg Boss Divided all housemates into two teams. The first team is for Girls and the second is for Boys, and the task is arranged in the garden area. The task is related to Bottles and few more items and both teams have to manage all items, as you can watch in the latest promo of it which released by the makers officially. The director of the task is Prashanth Sambargi, and his decision will be the last decision of the task.

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In the last episode of it, you will watch that Bigg Boss Assigned them a college task, under which they have to play the characters of college-going students and comprehensively play their elaborate the circumstances of their life. As per the episode KP Aravind is seen to write some letters to Divya Uruduga, However did not deliver to her at all. Because Warden has confiscated all letters, hence all Aravinds efforts got failed. According to recent reports, netizens are disappointed too because the letter did not reach her.



  • Vishwanath- 1193 votes (3.22%)
  • Shubha- 436 votes (1.18%)
  • Vaishnavi- 886 votes (2.39%)
  • Raghu- 585 votes (1.58%)
  • Prashanth-985 votes (2.66%)
  • Rajeev-1731 votes (1.76%)
  • Divya Suresh- 2431 votes (6.56%)
  • Aravind- 7684 votes (20.94%)
  • Nidhi- 2569 votes (6.93%)
  • Manju-4021 votes (10.85%)
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If they kept letters in a different-different place so she could get the letter but they did foolishness, to keep all letters at the same place. After that their confusion was popped out that Divya Suresh stole the letters of Divya Uruduga, But Bigg Boss has numerous fans. But according to the netizens Divya Suresh only took those letters which matter to her, Around 3:00 AM Divya Suresh got her letters back and went to sleep. As per the sources this week Nidhi Subbaiah has played her game very well, and she deserves to get the title of the performer of the week, So watch it at the correct time.

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