Ever since Akshay got murdered, Preeta has gotten into the prime suspect list. Yes, in Kundali Bhagya, everyone is suspecting Preeta for Akshay’s murder. During the Holi celebration also, a lot of drama was seen. Well, let’s jump into the written episode of today’s episode. It begins with Preeta who enters the hotel where Akshay was murdered. She wears a Burqa to hide her identity and tags Kritika along with her as well. Preeta sees a waiter and asks him to show the way to the CCTV room but the latter refuses.

Check 8th April 2021 Kundali Bhagya Today's Written Episode: Prithvi Deletes The CCTV FootageMeanwhile, Kritika arrives. She dresses to look like one of the hotel’s staff. On another side, Sherlyn also advises Prithvi to transform into a woman for some time and visiting the hotel to delete the CCTV footage of that day. Though, they decide to delete the footage of the last three days. Prithvi agrees and then goes to the CCTV room. There he tries his luck by bribing the staff present. At the same time, the waiter starts doubting both Kritika and Preeta. He deliberately shows the wrong direction.

After a while, Preeta and Kritika reach the CCTV room. Seeing the closed door, Preeta knocks at it. When the staff stands up to open the door, Prithvi utilizes the opportunity. He proceeds to delete the footage of the past three days and leaves. Later, Preeta comes to know that the footage has already been deleted. She tells it to Kritika and they both get worried. Meanwhile, Kritika’s gaze falls on Sherlyn. They get suspicious that she is surely planning something.

In the next scene of the written update, the cops arrive at the hotel. They begin to investigate the place thoroughly in order to find some clue regarding Akshay’s death. Kritika gets afraid of seeing the police there. Preeta notices that and asks her to stay calm and not to disclose anything to the police out of fear. The duo agrees on leaving the hotel and reach the house as early as possible.

Since, Kritika has seen Sherlyn, Preeta and Kritika doubt her. On another hand, ACP Vijay is seen arriving at the police station and gets a call from one of his subordinates, Sushil. The latter tells him about the waiter who has something to inform them. At the end of today’s episode of Kundali Bhagya, the police reach Luthra’s house and whom they have arrived to arrest is kept in suspense. Check out the entire story tonight on Zee TV.

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