Today’s episode of Molkki begins with Virender. He picks a Kurta to wear but drops the idea after not seeing its upper button. Though he thinks about Purvi but decides to wear another Kurta instead. Virender gets surprised to find almost every Kurta with the topmost button being misplaced. Later, he calls Purvi and asks her about it. Purvi shows her concern and volunteers to stitch it. Virender asks her to tell him why did she remove the buttons in the first place. Purvi swears that she has not done that.

Watch Molkki Today's Episode 16th April 2021 Written Update: Purvi Decides to Find The Thief

Virender holds her hands and asks her sternly about the buttons. Purvi says that she wanted Yuvi to spend most of the time with him. Purvi further adds that she returned home after so long and wanted Virender to stay in the house only. Virender asks if she only means the kids or she also wanted to spend time with him. Purvi stays silent. Later, Virender asks her to stitch the broken buttons hastily. The pair share a romantic moment as Purvi stitches the button while Virender keeps looking at her. They both share an eye-lock for some time.

In the next scene, Prakashi asks Virender if he is heading to Mumbai. Virender answers by nodding his head. He tells Purvi that he wanted to tell her the same and that he will come back from Mumbai by the evening. Virender picks out the keys and says. Prakashi reaches out her hand but Virender hands over the keys to Purvi. Virender asks Purvi to stay cautious as the key belongs to each and every room while it also includes the safe. Later, Virender touches Prakashi’s feet and tells Purvi to take proper care of the house along with Maa.

Later, Purvi comes to Sakshi’s room and offers her food. Sakshi says that she will have the food out. Purvi doesn’t like the idea and tells her that it’s not safe to go out. Sakshi gets adamant. Meanwhile, Purvi’s keys fall down. The latter doesn’t even notice. At the end of the episode, it is shown that Sakshi opens the locker. Basically, some bangles get missing from the safe and the family finds out about it. Purvi also gets stressed and thinks to find the culprit as soon as possible. The upcoming episode will feature a high voltage drama. Watch Molkki on Colors TV at 10 PM and read the written episodes from our site.

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