The upcoming episode of Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali starts with where Pallavi comes to the shop and meanwhile Krishna arrives at her and starts interrogating, that what happened. Then Pallavi mentions that she has a doubt that how can he easily gives her the shop, Nikhil says to everyone, that Pallavi made a call and she is arranging a party. Then Sharada asks Mansi that what is the reason behind this, Mansi says maybe the success of the photogram she is arranging the party.

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali Today's Episode

Then Sharada asks Nikhil that did he sees Pallavi meanwhile he mentions that she is an idol for him because she has done such fantabulous work. Then Pallavi spots in the light and greets everyone, and she announces this day is too special for Vijay. Because today his is dream going to come true, Sharada says that why she is making it a mystery. The spontaneously Krishna gives the shop’s paper to Vijay and says that they have won and finally purchased the shop.

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After that, she says to Vijay from today he is the owner of the shop after looking at the papers Vijay gets emotional along with everyone. Miling and Vijay ask her that how Raghav did this without any argument meanwhile he says that he will answer them. Raghav mentions that he did not do any favor this all about happiness which Pallavi has given him and he gave her return gift as her shop. But still, Vijay does not like him somehow and hence he does not like his presence near them.

Then you will watch that Raghav says that past a month, Pallavi arrives at his house regularly, so hence few relationships do not need a wedding. They are good without any commitment and mentions that Pallavi is quite beautiful and sharp from the brain, in short beauty with the brain. Pallavi makes him shut up and says that he always does such rubbish without any reason. Raghav says that he knows about her this nature because now she got her shop easily and hence she changed her behavior.

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Pallavi says that she thinks that he genuinely likes her but he now saying that he does not want any commitment, so does not make any sense. Therefore he does such things in front of people so that they can get an idea about them that they both are enemies. Then Raghav calls Farhad Inside the room and gives him an envelope that has money, and he throws it on Pallavi. So do not forget to watch it on StarPlus at 06:30 PM and for further information stay connected with us.


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