In Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali, Raghav asks Pallavi what did she think that she would backbite him to his mother and he will beg her. He gives her a cheque and asks her to cash it. On another hand, Sharda tells Jaya that Pallavi is happy in the house as Nikhil considers her a sister and loves her. She asks if he gets married, will his wife will love Pallavi as much as he did. Jaya understands the thing. Another side, Raghav shows Farhad a message and tells him that he gave 5 lakhs to Pallavi and that the latter has left the city.

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali MHRW 28th April 2021 Today's Update: Raghav Gives Cheque To PallaviFarhad informs Raghav that Pallavi has not gone anywhere and is in the city alone. Starting from the beginning, Raghav sees Pallavi Deshmukh sitting along outside the hospital. They both stare at each other as if giving each other a challenge to ruin their life. Raghav steps out of the car and lashes out at her for complaining about him to his mother. He asks her to leave the city and hands her a cheque of 5 lakhs rupees. Meanwhile, Kirti comes to know that Pallavi is neither at her house nor at the hospital.

She gets worried about her and says that seems like Raghav has not apologized to her yet. Jaya also gets tensed. In the next scene, Pallavi recalls all the words said by Raghav and looks at the cheque given by him. She was about to tear the cheque in anger when she gets a call from Nikhil. Sulochana on another side quarrels with Sharda. She tells her that she can’t afford the expenses now.

Meantime, Pallavi enters. She informs the family not to worry about the hospital bills as she paid them. Sharda gets surprised and asks her where did she get the money from. Pallavi tells Sharda that Raghav gave her the money. She adds that this all happened due to Raghav so it would be only fair if he paid the expenses so she used her money. Sulochana gets annoyed while Nikhil thanks her for helping them for some time

. Later, Nikhil asks Sharda and Pallavi to return home as he will stay in the hospital tonight. Pallavi refuses to enter the house and says that she will only step her foot inside the house when her Baba will allow her to. Sharda understands her and asks her to take care of her. Keep watching Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali on Star Plus. For more written updates, stick with our site.

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