Tonight’s episode of Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali will begin where Raghav reaches his house and rebukes all servants, to not place his things in another place. Such as Tennis Racket, but Faraz gets that and says servants will put it back do not worry about this. Because Servant’s son is working in the sports club so hence he will refurbish it easily, due to the rackets are too close things for Raghav. Then he thanks his servant for refurbishing it, but Faraz still worried about him that why he does not enjoy his life nowadays.

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali Written Update 15th April 2021 Episode: Rahul Refuses To Marry MansiThen Raghav replies that he is suffering from happiness and trouble at the same time, therefore he has forgotten to laugh. Raghav expresses his feelings by saying that Pallavi is mad and he took the challenge seriously and does this definitely. Millind interrogates Vinay that why he is suffering from this stuff & what is the reason behind this please share with him. Milling says that one of his daughters had faced abortion, and another daughter’s wedding got canceled due to postponement.

After that, Vijay tries to console her by saying that these things are not in their control, and whenever these circumstances take place in someone’s life. It brings a lot of consequences which we would have to face. Vijay shares with him that he had faced one of the hardest situations in his entire life when his mature son got dead. He says that everyone is tied with destiny, and whatever situations come they would have to face and accept at the same time.

Raghav says to Faraz to send Harish to bring consignment from the office its urgency, But Nikhil gets the consignment, and Bonus amount as well. Another side Pallavi comes to her house and extempore Sharda asks her that does she talk to Rahul’s mother or not. But Pallavi refuses to talk to her, spontaneously Mansi locked herself into the room and Nikhil opens the door. So that they can see what she is doing and they all enter the room, to check inside’s circumstances.

Mansi reveals in front of them that she made a call to Rahul but his mother received and informed her that he is too upset with her. Hence he will never talk to her again in his life, she mentions if Rahul married someone so she will kill herself. Milind says that if Rahul’s family punishes Mansi due to Amrita’s mistakes, so he will never allow her to marry him because it’s not appropriate enough. Everyone tries to make her understand that she is too strong and easily spends her life without him so do not worry. Stream it at the correct time and for more updates stay connected with us.

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