Rajeshwari Gets Upset With Veer 2nd April 2021 Written Episode


A kind of separation will come in between the pure relation of Veer and Rani in Apna Time Bhi Aayega today’s episode. Yes, the favorite reel couple will face some distance in their relationship in the upcoming episode. Let’ see what happens today in the written episode of the Zee TV serial. Jai Singh reveals in front of Rani that Rajeshwari was behind the accident. Veer also stands there and gets shocked after hearing this while Rani on another side just stands in utter shock. This revelation will certainly cause Veer and Rani to get separated.

Today's Apna Time Bhi Aayega: Rajeshwari Gets Upset With Veer 2nd April 2021 Written Episode

As we know that Veer has taken the promise from Rani so that she doesn’t disclose the truth that it was not him but Rajeshwari who has done the accident. Veer can do anything to save his mother so at any cost, he will not let Rajeshwari go to prison. Due to the promise Rani made to Veer, she was refraining, to tell the truth to anyone regarding the accident. However, the entire family has come to know about the truth. T hey are not even trying to save Veer nor they are trying to appreciate him for the sacrifices he made for his mother.

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On another side, Rajeshwari also gets worried and thinks that she doesn’t want to go to jail. Not even this, but Rajeshwari also wants to send Veer behind the bars in her place. Rani feels bad for Veer and thinks that she cannot let an innocent person suffering in jail but alongside she is trapped in the promise she made with Veer. In the next scene, the entire family goes to court to attend the hearing. It is related to the accident case, Veer is accused of. However, Jai Singh has shot a video where Veer and Rajeshwari are seen having a conversation.

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Jai Singh wants to send Rajeshwari to jail so he determines to leak that shot video. This will benefits him in two ways. Firstly, due to Rani’s obstinacy, Rajshwari will land in jail. Veer won’t be able to bear this separation and he will blame Rani for all of this. Thus, the pair will get separated afterward. It is expected that Veer might stop talking to Rani. Rajeshwari on another side thinks that Veer has deliberately done this. She will get upset with Veer. Catch Apna Time Bhi Aayega today’s interesting episode on Zee TV and stay connected with us for more!

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