Ranjan Gets Shattered After Baldev’s Death


Rudrakaal is a newly released serial on Star Plus. It was premiered on 7th March and since then it has made the viewers excited to find out the upcoming story of the daily soap. Let’s see what is there to happen in today’s episode. In the beginning, Baldev tells Ranjan that in his opinion the latter is quite fit. Ranjan couldn’t believe his ears and feels overwhelmed. Later, they both hug each other. Baldev tells Ranjan that he survived a total of two bullets so that the latter could be saved.

Today's Rudrakaal Written Episode 4th April 2021: Ranjan Gets Shattered After Baldev's DeathHe continues that a man took him to a hospital nearby when the shooter left me there thinking I died. Baldev adds that there are 4 people in total who are aware of the entire story. Later, Baldev takes the name of Dr. Deepak and that one kind-hearted nurse who helped him get his life back. He also tells Ranjan that Prashant was another man who saved him. Ranjan hears him for a while and then speaks that he could have told everything earlier as well but he decided to keep quiet.

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Baldev says that he can understand his anger but he remained silent for a reason as he wanted to find out the actual person behind this conspiracy. On another side, Jagdish comes to know about Baldev being alive. He gets stunned to know that. Meanwhile, Malik’s men begin to shoot. Both Ranjan and Baldev defend themselves and attack the shooters as well. Later, Ranjan senses that one of the shooters is planning to explode Baldev’s house. Before Ranjan could process, they throw the bombs and it even explodes.


Ranjan goes in deep shock. He screams in anger and agony. Meanwhile, a journalist is seen informing that Baldev hasn’t died and is still fit and fine. Rajan gets a call from Geetu. The latter taunts him saying that he must have suffered a lot while dealing with the death of Baldev two times in a row. Ranjan breaks down into tears and says that he failed to save Baldev’s life. Geetu gets sad and asks him not to feel upset.

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In the next scene, Prime Minister aka Jayant Ram goes to meet the Chief Minister. He tells him that he has never lost in anything and so will he this time. While Fulchand continues to blackmail Sheena and asks her to make an MMS quickly with Anshu in it. Watch Rudrakaal on Star Plus every Sunday at 7 PM to find out more about the serial. Till the read other written episodes as well.



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