Since the world is going digital, the makers are also coming up with new web series to entertain viewers. There is a lot of demand for these short pictures as they do not just entertain them but also saves some time. Such kind of series is also coming on the extremely popular Kooku app. Yes, “Ratri” is a forthcoming series that will hit this OTT platform. The viewers can watch this upcoming series on 9th April 2021 which is its release date. The makers have also released the steamy trailer on YouTube. Let’s check the star cast names, trailer review, full episodes availability and other related information here.

ratri kooku app

Before explaining the web series, let’s brief a bit about the Kooku app. The app is very popular among the youth. It provides some very sensational stories which include adult content. Only 18+ viewers should watch this type of series. Now, coming back to Ratri, it is a scary comedy kind of series. So, the people who are fond of watching romantic stories can definitely go with this one. Besides, it also provides sensuous dialogues along with intimate scenes. The audience can enjoy this Indian series online where you can download all episodes in HD.

Ratri Kooku App

Azaad Bharti has directed this horror and romance drama while Kooku is the producer itself. He has directed so many hit series before and now the fans are expecting the same this time. The director has featured numerous talented artists. The star cast of Ratri includes Mahi Kaur, Jyotsan, Deepti Tiwari, Deepanshu, Adil, Dhannu, Marshall, and Jason. Mahi Kaur is appearing as the lead actress while others are portraying different characters. Every character has a different storyline to represent which will engage the viewers to the end of the series.

As per the trailer, the storyline surfaces around the lead character who shifts to a new house. As soon as she enters, she hears a flute’s sound. Basically, the story is all about the haunted house where whoever shifts hears the sound of the flute. She informs her friend about it. When she gets annoyed by that sound, she starts to use people. Yes, she notices that when she involves with someone romantically, she didn’t hear the flute sound so she starts getting intimated with every other man she comes across with. “Ratri” will release on 9th April 2021 on the Kooku app. Keep following our site to know how to download full HD episodes.

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