Anupama finds Vanraj in a wellness resort of Yogi Advaith, she goes to her and bursts out on him and says that your running away from your responsibilities. She asks what is the purpose of being here when you have that much problem in your house. Vanraj replies that he informed everything in that letter. Vanraj says that he is bemused between Kavya’s responsibilities and divorce. He is also concerned about all the duties for the family which he is going to face after you. Vanraj also shared while he is strolling on the road he also met with a small accident wherein he lost his mobile phone.

Read Anupamaa Today's Written Episode April 26th 2021 Update: Anupama Has Tumor?Anupama claps and asks what we call a person who instructs the players and whistles in the ground. Toshu replies that it is a Coach, Anupama then taunts that Vanraj should be a coach in Pakhi’s school and train all the kids to run from all of their responsibilities. Vanraj yells at Anupama and says that he is already very tensed and you are taunting me continuously. Anupama says that he couldn’t bear the problem then why did he mess up the things.

Anupama then shakes him and says that she never complains but he had to think about the rest of the family members and Kavya. Vanraj asks Anupama to control herself, Toshu supports Vanraj. But Anupama warns her to not to interrupt as it is a matter of husband and wife. Anupama says that he is the father of three children and still running from his responsibility like a child. She says that he just wrote a letter and fled from the situation.

She says that she is alone handling everything consoling her children, Baa and Bapuji. She further says that she is even consoling Kavya and you are relaxing here. While Anupama is trying to make Vanraj understand, Vanraj still says he won’t return home until he concludes things. Meanwhile, Anupama fainted and falls to the ground.

He noticed and rushes to her and Toshu also rushes to her. While everyone is waiting for Anupama’s call at home. Advaith examines Anupama and Vanraj asks how can she collapses abruptly. Later, Anupama comes to her senses. Just then Vanraj comes there she tells her that she wants to go home. Vanraj says that he calls everyone here. Later, Anupama reports come and it says that Anupama has a tumor.

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