Anupama again faints when she tries to stand up, but fails and holds Vanraj to take support. Vanraj calls for help and he makes her lay on the bed, just then Anupama comes to her senses and asks if he is calling her. Kavya says that she better take a rest they can speak after some time, she looks at Vanraj. Nandini is going to Anupama and asks for the direction of the wish tree. Kavya there reads a wish about positivity, Kavya realities that their life is overflowing with the negativity.

Watch Anupamaa Written 27th April 2021 Today's Episode: Samar Gets To Know About AnupamaAnupama reminds informing Kavya and the rest of the family about Vanraj’s divorce. Vanraj recalls that Anupama confronts him, while Kavya is reminding blaming Anupama all the time. A Nurse asks Kavya and Vanraj to wait for a while as they have to perform some test of Anupama. Anupama tells that her mother used to say that things would be settled once she got married, but such never happened. Nandini tries to console her but Anupama doesn’t listen to her.

But somehow, Nandini manages the things and Anupama appreciates her. She says that I feel happy whenever you talk like Samar. Nandini thanks to God that she meets Anupama because of Samar. Vanraj there asks Kavya what is she doing here, Kavya replies that he doesn’t have anything to talk about, so it would be better not to humiliate her at least.

She says that even she understands the situation of Anupama and he still fails to understand her. Vanraj tries to explain himself and says that you can’t even think from what I am going through. Vanraj and Kavya again get into an argument. She says that even she is suffering from the same things. She further says that even Anupama is being bothered just because of you. Nandini overhears the conversation between Kavya and Vanraj.

She goes to Kavya and asks everything is fine. She says that it is the same thing on which they are sticking for 8 years. Kavya says that sometimes I feel like that I am running on a treadmill and I am running for a long but still at the same place. Kavya expresses herself in front of Nandini. She later tells that Anupama is calling Kavya. Later, Anupama’s reports come and Advaith says that Anupama has diagnosed with a tumour in her ovaries. Samar rushes to Anupama’s room. Get Anupama written update on Social Telecast.

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