The latest episode of Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati starts with Appu is asking if Chedilal is still here, although Chedilal says that he is still being packed his stuff. Asha says that if he won’t go it would be troublesome for use. Asha says we shouldn’t say such an omen. Alukik says that he is feeling that the guest will arrive within 15 minutes here. Eklawya says what happens if Chedilal doesn’t leave the house. Asha asks if Sargam is aware of our plans. She says is she doesn’t know that it will cause a problem for them.

Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati

Appu says that he is waiting that her mood calms down that he will go to her and tell her everything. Eklawaya says that Sargam would promptly send the customer to the shop. Chedilal there is still packing the bags. Appu signs Asha that we are running out of time. Appu then goes to Chedilal and asks him to hurry up. Appu received a call from Alukik and asks if they can bring the customer in there. Appu asks why are you are in a hurry as we still have time left. Alukik says that we told them to come at 11 and it is already 11 now.

Chedilal comes along with Asha to hire a taxi but just then Grandfather sneezes. Chedilala is about to sit in the cab but just then Sargam stops him by saying that it is an omen if someone sneezes that we have to stop for a while if we are going on a journey. Alukik asks the customer to buy some sweets for everyone. He just then noticed Chedilal is going. Appu and Eklawya are happy as their customer are impressed. Sargam is doing something in the kitchen. Appu then signs to Kavya to take care of the guests.

Eklawya rushed to Sargam and tries to explain that he is the father of Asha’s friend. He says that he comes here for some legal purpose. He further says that he doesn’t find a hotel here so, that is why we suggest him to stay here until you will get his work done. He then asks her to make a sandwich for him. Sargam asks why did you ask him to check in like he is entering a hotel. But Eklawya manipulates things. Catch the complete episode of the show on Sony TV at 10:30 PM and stay tuned for further Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati written update.

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