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Sawai Bhatt Evicted From Indian Idol Season 12!

We are here to keep you updated with Indias most popular singing reality “Indian Idol Season 12”. The show is getting highly popular among the Indian audience and they even appreciating the concept of the shoe. The talent on the show this year are among enticing and amazed with their performances. The contestants in tonight’s episode will be seen setting the stage at the fire with tSawai Bhatt Evicted From Indian Idol Season 12!heir fiery performances. They had been done a lot of practice so that they can win the battle round and save themselves from elimination.

Indian Idol 12 Elimination

Indian Idol 12 Elimination

  • Sawai Bhatt Eliminated From Indian Idol Season 12

Tonight is the FathrsDaySpecial episode, in which we will going to enjoy the performance dedicated to all the fathers. Whereas the stage tonight going to be jammed up with lots of praise and blessings from the fathers of tej contestants. Arunita gives a performance dedicating to her father and she wins the heart of judges, the audience, and of her ‘father as well. Judge Anumalik compliments her that “she made us super proud and her voice made me egoistic that no one can neat her she is so perfect”‘.

Indian Idol 12 Performances

Not only this Ashsish also set the atmosphere at melodiousness and it will be amazing to listen to him. He gives an incredible performance that directly reaches the heart of the Judges. Just after he finishes his performance he gets a surprise. As his parents join him on the stage after so long he gets a chance to see his parents and everyone gets emotional. After this, we will see the most tuneful performance by Sayli. She wl be so melodious and dedicated a beautiful song to her father. Her father becomes emotional during her performance and he blesses her a lot.

Shanmukha Priya slays the stage with her most delightful and electrifying performance. She is sp tuneful which changes the entire atmosphere and makes everyone emotional. Her father joins her on the stage to bless her. Judges give her a standing ovation. Later judges give her lots of compliments and bless her for her future.

Indian Idol 12 Elimination This week

The show has been added a new concept and that is the Power Play button. Which will be a great opportunity for the contestants to save their spots. Hence, there will be no elimination into the week. While the participants who will gong to recent higher votes by the audience comes to the finals. So don’t forget to watch the full episode at 9:30 only on Sony Tv.

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