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Shakti 17th March 2021 Episode starts with Sant Baksh telling Heer that they brought them here for their safety. Heer says she needs to go home. Sant Baksh says I will send constable with you. Heer asks Virat not to worry. She says bye to Parmeet. Isha thinks Angel and I was waiting for this chance and messages her. Heer says bye Isha…Isha doesn’t hear her as she is busy messaging Angel. Heer asks her what happened? Isha says she is worried about a patient. heer asks Virat to take care of Isha and goes. Isha tells Parmeet and Sant Baksh that she has to go as the patient’s condition deteriorated. Heer sits in Sant Baksh’s car along with the Constable in the front seat. Isha comes there and looks at Heer leaving in Sant Baksh’s car.

She recalls Virat telling Parmeet that heer treated him, Heer thinking to get the operation etc. She thinks she will end Heer’s game today, he is just hers. She sits in car and follows Heer’s car. She calls Angel and tells her that Heer left from home. Angel says I will use this chance. Isha’s driver and the goons come infront of Sant Baksh’s car. Constable asks Heer not to get out. The goons attack Constable and driver and make them faint. They take Heer from there. Heer asks who are you? Isha thinks until they come to know that you haven’t reached Harak Singh’s house, your game will be over. The goons bring Heer to the house where Isha kept Angel.

Angel comes infront of Heer holding the knife. Heer is shocked and says your men hit the constable and brought me here, says police will not leave you. Angel says they are after me already and tells that she will kill her and will go to jail. Heer asks what do you want and asks if she wants money, tell her. Isha comes there and stands outside the door. Heer realizes someone is standing outside, and thinks she has to bring that person infront of her. She says I know that you don’t do any work without money and offers 10 lakhs as Virat slapped her and 20 lakhs as he hanged her from terrace. She says she will give her totally 30 lakhs. Angel says you are showing me greed. Heer says she will get the case dismissed and says my sasur will do this for me. She offers her double money and asks her to tell the price. Angel asks how much you will give? Heer says, 10+20 lakhs and also the amount which you have got to kill me. She says we will round it up and says I will give 1 crore to you. Angel drops the knife and slaps herself. She says 1 crore and gets happy.

She asks why didn’t you get such idea before, I wouldn’t have come behind you. She says you said me so late that you will give me 1 crore. She asks her to take her mobile and call Virat for the ransom amount. Isha goes inside and asks Angel what is she doing, if she has gone mad? Heer is shocked to see Isha as the mastermind of the conspiracy. She recalls the happenings. Angel asks Isha why did you come out? She says fake doctor, who made you doctor. She says now Heer came to know that you have given me her supari.

Heer says I got doubtful in the hospital itself, that you are with Angel. Angel says everything was done by this fake doctor. She tells that Isha had sent the goons in the farm house, I didn’t do anything. Heer is shocked and recalls Isha’s lie and goons attacking them and trying to kill her. Angel asks Heer not to refuse giving her money and says she will go away from her life. She asks her to call Virat for money. Heer asks Isha if she don’t feel ashamed to risk many lives being a doctor. She says Akshay was doubtful about you and told us about his doubt on you. A fb is shown, Akshay tells Virat that Isha was with Angel and tells him about seeing her. He says when Angel was hanging from the terrace, Isha looks at her tensedly. He says he saw the shawl in Isha’s car, which she had worn when she was with Angel. Virat and Heer are shocked. Virat says it must be a misunderstanding, Isha can’t do this? Heer says Isha is his close friend and asks why she will do this? Dr. Akshay says if you can’t see, what I am seeing as an outsider. He says let’s find out the truth. Fb ends. Heer looks at Isha.

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Telecast Date:17th March 2021
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