The episode of Pratigya 2 begins with Pratigya itself. She asks Sajjan Singh that why his gun is pointed at her. Krishna also comes but doesn’t say anything. Later, Shakti arrives and asks Pratigya what shocked her. He tells her that it was her son who murdered the son of Balwant. Pratigya doesn’t believe Shakti’s words. Suddenly, she recalls how Krshna used to protect him and always hid something from her. Pratigya asks Krishna if Shakti is saying the truth or not.

Pratigya 2 Today's Latest Written Episode 19th April 2021: Shakti Reveals Garv's Truth To PratigyaShe questions him if he had the knowledge of this from the beginning and he purposely hid the truth from her. Krishna refrains himself from uttering a single word and looks at Sajjan instead. Pratigya can not believe that everyone in the family had known about her son being involved in an accident except for her. She continues that they should have told her as she is the mother. Later, she hugs Garv.

Pratigya then asks Kriti if she knew this as well. Kriti remains silent. Pratigya understands that everyone fooled her. She falls on the ground and cries. Pratigya questions Krishna if that is the reason why he did the things earlier. Krishna nods.  Krishna tells Pratigya that whatever he did was for the sake of Garv. Komal speaks that they only wanted to protect Garv and nothing else and that if they had informed her then it might have put Garv in more trouble.

Komal continues to say that Pratigya believes in equality and if they had told her then she must have forgotten her bond with Garv and would have made sure that he gets the punishment. She says that she knew that Pratigya will choose law over Garv and that’s the reason why no one told her anything. Pratigya says that still, they could have told her. Sajjan Singh says that if she is Garv’s mother then why her own son didn’t tell her anything and went to Krishna.

Sajjan Singh warns Pratigya to stay away from the case as he will handle it completely. Pratigya says that they all just made him an outsider in such a short span of time. She says that Garv is just a child and he cannot kill anyone. She tells the family that she will go to court and will prove that Garv is not a killer and is innocent. Will Pratigya prove Garv innocent in the coming episodes? Watch Pratigya 2 to find out.

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