Shankar & Mayura Try To Trick Omkar


We are watching that Mayura return at Omkar’a adobe while Omkar is planning to leave the city within the week in the latest episode of Pinjara Khubsurti Ka. Mayura gets to know the same from Dr. Kahnaa, Mayura starts crying and says she is getting two difficulties at the same time one side is Omkar and another side Megha is all after her. Mayura returns to Omkar’s house and received a kind of warning wherein she has written that she will soon ready with the papers and take Omkar’s signature on it. She gets scared and drops her phone.

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 2nd April 2021 Written Episode: Shankar & Mayura Try To Trick OmkarOmkar sends his men to Mayura’s house for investigation. Mayura overhears Omkar and thinks that she should better make them aware. But she failed to connect due to network issues. At the same time, Mayura breaks Tara’s medicine bottle as she is finding a way to go out of the house. Mayura scolds her, but Mayura says that it broke mistakenly and she will get it. Mayura leaves and Omkar starts following her, but Mayura noticed that Omkar is following her. Mayura plays tricks and informs Akhilesh about Omkar.

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While Manjiri is yelling at Tara, Mayura comes there. Omkar asks what is going on. Manjiri tells that Tara messed her face by drawing a moustache on it. But Omkar appreciates Tara then Tara says that she will make a moustache on his face either. But Omkar stops him. Tara gets sad and says that you never allow me to do anything. She asks Mayura to get along with Tara. Meanwhile, Megha comes and hands papers to Mayura, but she tears them. Megha again terrifies her and says that she will disclose her secret in front of Omkar. Mayura asks her to tell Omkar if you want her to reveal lenders about her hideouts. Megha asks if you are thinking to blackmail me. Mayura says she won’t speak a word unless you are silent.

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Tara drops an apologizing note in Omkar’s room. Omkar comes and hugs her. Omkar goes to Tara’s room. Mayura is seeing everything and thinks that it would be your last night with Tara. The next morning Mayura along with Shankar planning to elope with Tara. While Omkar is heading to the factory and received a message that nothing has happened here to better off to home. Mayura is talking to Dr. Khanna to take Tara from Omkar’s cage. The episode ends, stay tuned with Social Telecast for more Pinjara Khubsurti Ka written updates.

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