In today’s episode of Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani, Devi says that she will announce the marriage date of Shaurya and Shagun. She tells everyone that the pair will get engaged soon. After hearing it, Shaurya gets shocked. Anokhi starts crying and feels stupid about trusting Shaurya. Then Gayatri tells Alok that both Shaan and Tej are not here. She adds that Devi made such a big announcement without even asking them. Alok tells her that Devi must have had a talk with them. Shaurya tells Devi that he wants to talk to her.

(SAAKK) Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani April 26th 2021 Today's Episode: Shaurya And Ahir Get Into A FightDevi asks him to save that talk for later as she is extremely happy right now and will talk to him another time. Meanwhile, everyone starts congratulating Shaurya. Bubbly and Ahir get sad for Anokhi and go towards her. Shagun tells Shaurya that they eventually got reunited as they were made for each other. Shaurya doesn’t understand what is going on. Later, Devi goes to Anokhi and asks her to congratulate her sir. Anokhi comes on stage and congratulates Shagun and Shaurya.

She even gives the couple a bouquet. Then, she cries and goes away. Shaurya wants to follow Anokhi but everyone keeps coming to him to wish him. On another side, Anokhi comes in front of a car. Ahir luckily pushes her from the car and saves her life. Ahir scolds her for risking her life. Bubbly also arrives there. She asks Ahir to take Anokhi to the hotel as she needs rest. Anokhi screams that she doesn’t want to go back to the hotel as her room is beside Shaurya.

Ahir tells her that she can come with him as he had booked a room in another hotel. In the next scene, Shaurya questions Devi about fixing her alliance with Shagun without even asking him. Devi starts crying and tells him that if she needs to ask Shaurya. Later, Shaurya somehow comes to know that Anokhi is staying in ACP Ahir’s room. He gets angry. After that, Shaurya and Ahir get into a fight.

Ahir tells him that he has promised not to come in between Anokhi and Shaurya but when Anokhi will get in trouble, he will always help her. Anokhi hears the complete talk of the duo. Ahir asks Shaurya to go away. Shaurya tells him that he will not go without meeting Anokhi. Then Anokhi comes out and tells Shaurya to leave as she has now understood her place in his life. Shaurya tries to assure him that he did not know about Devi’s sudden announcement. Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani today’s written episode ends. Stay tuned for more updates!

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