At the beginning of Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani, where Shagun tries to start a conversation with Shaurya, she says won’t he ask why Shagun did not go back to the UK. He replies that it’s not his duty if she needs that someone asks to her, the HR department will interrogate her regarding this. Shagun expresses her feelings towards Shaurya that when she spent some time alone in the UK, at that time she realized about his presence. She mentions that she needs him in her life.

(SAAKK) Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 16th April 2021 Today's Episode: Shaurya & Anokhi To Go On A Date?But Shaurya refuses her offer by saying that it does not make any sense so try to understand this, because nothing can change now between them. Shagun holds his hand but Shaurya expresses his anger and makes his hand release from her, then Shaurya makes her understand that now he likes someone else. But she is not ready to accept this by saying that she knows him and he can not move on early, as he is pretending now but Shaurya says it is the truth.

After that, Shaurya makes her understand comprehensively and says she can get more options better than him. So there is no need to waste her time here, but Shagun refuses to accept it and says he is hiding his feelings behind his pride. As he did last time when they got separation, Shaurya says everything is fine if she wants to stay here and do the job. He will support her but they are just colleagues now or nothing else and this is what she will have to understand.

Then spontaneously Anokhi comes into the room where Shaurya and Shagun are talking to each other, and she feels embarrassed. She mentions if he is busy so do not worry she will come soon, But Shaurya says she can come here and he makes Shagun and Anokhi meet each other. By saying that she is a new economics teacher of her, then Shagun leaves the place but Anokhi sees that she forgot her bangle here. Then she takes a bangle and goes to give her, Shaurya Introduces Shagun to his all students.

Then suddenly Reema hears this and she gets shocked because she knows that Shagun was an ex of Shaurya. When Shagun is introducing herself meanwhile both Shaurya ad Anokhi looking at each other’s eyes. Extempore Reema comes to Anokhi and says that she has to tell her something, but Shaurya stops her by saying that first listen to Shagun. Another side Shaurya and Anokhi fix their date so that they can spend some quality time with each other. So do not forget to watch it on Starplus at 07:00 PM and for more updates stay connected with us.

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