The recent episode of Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani starts with Shaurya expresses his feelings towards Anokhi that when she goes away, so he can not handle himself. She says that please hold the pole properly otherwise it can be fallen, she interrogates him that how he released him from jail. Shaurya says he apologized hence he released and he came here to enjoy the function, he mentions one more thing that now he got to know that she prepared everything for him, so he should have attended it.

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani (SAAKK) Today's Written 14th April 2021 Episode: Anokhi Challenges ShauryaThen Shaurya praises her for the arrangements and she says there is no need to mention thanks here, Shaurya says he can not thank her enough. Because only for her he is able to attend the Holi function, they both keep on looking in their eyes and extempore she wishes him Happy Holi.

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He sees that her face is too clean and says why she did not start playing Holi, is she waiting for someone. Anokhi also puts a question that why he did not start playing Holi, he makes her understand that first he will put colours on her then. After that, Anokhi challenges him that he can not put colours on her face because it’s hard for him, and she goes from there.

Spontaneously Bubly stops her and asking that it’s been a height so now start playing Holi. Anokhi makes her console that she accepts whatever Bubly is saying, but Photos always take much time. Hence she got late and mention that she was also Waiting for Shaurya, and now he has come here so everything has sorted out how they can celebrate the festival.

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Bubly makes her understand that she knows everything whatever she is doing, but being an elder sister it’s her duty to make her understand, that think twice before taking any decision. Bubly tells her that all decisions can create some circumstances and their consequences can make trouble. But Anokhi says that it’s a festival so do not thinks too much and just enjoy it, but somewhere she is worried about her and Shaurya due to she can see everything.

Another side, Shaurya comes to his family and wishes them Happy Holi, at the same time his uncle says that it’s the perfect time to starts the Holi celebration. But Meanwhile Shaurya stops him by saying with Colors they will play later, first, they should start Holi with flowers. Both Shaurya & Anokhi recall that they challenged each other and hence they both are trying their best to put colours on their faces. But they do not care that the Sabarwal family is standing next to them, and Devi also not liking it. So do not miss to watch it on Starplus at 07:00 PM

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