The upcoming episode of Shuarya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani begins where Shaurya sees a glimpse of Shagun and thinks who invited her, spontaneously Devi reaches to him and tries to find the reason for his worriedness. Shaurya elaborates that he saw the glimpse of Shagun meanwhile Devi consoles him by saying that it was just a delusion, she will never ever come here due to her settlement and now she is out of the country so there is no need to think more about her.

Today's Shuarya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani Episode 10th April 2021: Shaurya Picks Clothes For AnokhiThen Devi makes him understand that Shagun was his first love and she was special for him as well hence he is missing her and as the result, he is getting delusions of her. She mentions if he really missing her so she can do a favor for him to call her back here, But Shuarya expresses his feelings that everything is fine here and there is no need to call her back so let her do whatever she is doing nowadays. But Devi keeps on trying to make him agree that still he has a soft corner for her but Shaurya refuses it and goes from there.

After that, Anokhi keeps on wondering about the fest that she should go there or not, and she recalls that Bubly made her understand comprehensively and according to the circumstances she must go. Because she has done all the preparation for the fest and Shaurya also desperately waiting for her so it’s better to reach there on time. Extempore she hears that someone is knocking on the door she opens and sees that Shaurya came to bring her to the function venue.

Shagun tries to make her agree that whatever they are doing it’s not appropriate enough because it’s not the right way to attract someone. Devi gets upset and mentions that if she does not feel like doing this so they can stop it right now, meanwhile Shagun tries to convince her not to get angry. Devi expresses that she loves both of them and if she comes ahead of him impromptu so he won’t able to accept her so be patient everything will be sorted out soon just believe her.

Shaurya asks Anokhi that why she did not get ready she replies that she does not feel like going there hence she is here. Shaurya mentions that it does not make sense because she has done all the preparation before the right time so once she should come there. She says that it’s not compulsory to go there so please do not push her for that but he refuses to agree with her and starts helping her so that she can come and he gives her dress. So do not forget to watch it on Star Plus at 07:00 PM and for more updates stay connected with us.

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