The recent episode of Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani begins where Anokhi consoles Bubly by saying that there is no need to think more regarding Shaurya, and she orders food. After a while Food arrives but she gets shocked because she only ordered Noodles but they sent a lot of dishes. Then Bubly why she ordered so much food literally she is hungry up to the next level, and they both enjoys a meal and gets slept. In next morning Bubly gets Shuarya’s call and asks him why he called her in the early morning.

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani April 23rd 2021 SAAKK Written Episode: Shaurya Plans Party For AnokhiThen Bubly meets Shaurya and he asks her for help because he has to do some preparations for Anokhi’s birthday. But Bubly refuses to help him and meanwhile, Anokhi wakes up and finds Bubly and wonders where she went without wishing her. Then Shaurya tries to understand Bubly that he does not know what type of problem she has with him. But he is not a bad a person as she thinks about him, and says it’s fine if she does not want to work with him, but for the sack of Anokhi, she can do this.

After that, Bubly expresses her feeling to Shaurya that if he wants to see her happy so please do not show her false dream. Because if her heart gets broken so she can not see her pain at all, hence she is saying this to Shaurya. Meanwhile, Ahir comes there and after seeing him Shaurya gets shocked because he did not expect him here. Then Bubly replies that she brought him here to help here, and she reveals in front of him that Shaurya wants to arrange a party for Anokhi.

Then Kanchan makes a call to Shaurya and interrogates him that did he meet Anokhi or not and Shaurya thanks her to sent her here. Meanwhile, he informs her that today is Anokhi’sbirthday and he is going to organize such an amazing party for her, through which she makes her feel special. Then Shaurya says to Kanchan that it would be better if she comes there to help her. But Kanchan says that she can not come there because she does not know how to make an excuse.

Then Anokhi wonders that still, Shaurya did not wish her, then suddenly she sees Shaurya but Ahir makes him hide. Because they planned a surprise for her, spontaneously Ahir tries to divert her mind by offering dinner to her but she refuses him. Shaurya says that all the time Ahir comes between them which is not appropriate at all, then Bubly and Shaurya choose a dress for her. So do not forget to stream it on Starplus At 07:00 Pm and for more updates stay connected with us.

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