Another weekend has arrived to entertain the MTV Splitsvilla X3 or Season 13 fans. This week the dating reality show will eventually get the most anticipated ideal match. Since the beginning of the show, despite numerous attempts, no couple had gotten the powerful position. Today’s episode of the show will feature the gorgeous couple, Kevin Almasifar and Kat Kristian emerging out as the ideal match. This will be the 8th week of the show where the villa will get the couple who will make the final decisions in the upcoming dome sessions.

mtv splitsvilla x3

Some contestants are excited to see them ruling the show while others are nervous either. The hosts Ranvijay Singh and Sunny Leone will assign another sizzling task to the contestants. It will be named “Dil Badlu” and will be a part of the Golden Opportunity Challenge. At the end of the task, the hosts will announce Kat and Kevin as the winners along with Sapna Malik and Dhruv. Later, the winners will get a chance to go in front of the oracle and know the destiny of their connection. After creating suspense for some time, the oracle will finally announce them as the ideal match for each other.

With the tag, comes a set of special powers which #Katvin can use in the forthcoming dome sessions. Besides, an ugly fight will indulge between the dashing male contestants Vyomesh Koul, jay Dhudhane, and Shivam Sharma in the dome session. The trio had gotten involved in the fights earlier as well. This time, the fight will take an ugly turn where Vyomesh will threaten the other two contestants by getting them evicted from the thirteenth season. However, Jay and Shivam didn’t stay quiet and gave him befitting replies either. Another contestant named Nikhil Malik will express his opinion about Vymoesh stating that he speaks a lot of lies.

From the aww-worthy moment of Kat and Kevin becoming the first-ever ideal match of MTV Splitsvilla X3 Season 13 to the high-voltage fights between the male contestants, Saturday’s episode will provide a massive amount of entertainment to the viewers. Apart from them, this is expected that two contestants will get eliminated in the 8th week. Will Kat and Kevin dump a pair tonight while what kind of advantages they will get in the reality show, find out in the latest episode. Watch the show on MTV every Saturday at 7 PM. To know the latest updates of the show, follow our site.

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