Get ready to check the written episode of Story 9 Months Ki. Today’s episode begins with Alia and Sarang. The duo walks past each other but none of them even realize. The scene changes. Alia reaches her home along with her son, Agastya. They share some quick conversation before Alia puts Agastya to sleep. On another side, Sarangdhar and Sanyuri also reach home. The former removes Sanyuri’s slippers and makes her ready to go to sleep. Both the families are unknown about the coincidence they could have encountered one another.

Story 9 Months Ki Today's 14th April 2021 Episode Update: Agastya Hugs SarangdharLater, Alia gets a call from Rabia. She asks Alia if the project has gotten completed. Alia tells her that she will share the complete details of the project in some time and adds that she just arrived home. Alia continues that the project means a lot for her and so she will make sure to send it as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Sarangdhar talks to Kavya. He tells her that he has written a book and mentions that it’s for his son. Kavya feels proud and says that he loves her son so much when he hasn’t even seen what exactly he looks like.

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Kavya adds that whenever his son will come across his book, he will be super happy. The scene changes. Sanyuri visits the Basti and meets the children there. She tells them that how she found Mumbai mesmerizing and so so at the same time. She adds that  Mumbai is nothing in front of her Mathura. Ramesh questions how can she say that. Sanyuri answers that no one can have the delicious Mathra Peda in Mumbai. Listening to this, Sarangdhar and Kamleshwari burst into laughter.


Sarangdhar says that the reason why Alia left Sanyuri was her heart problem. He gets sad recalling that moment and says that he will never want Sanyuri to see her mother’s face In the next scene, Sarangdhar and Sanyuri get in the car as Sarang drives Sanyuri to her school. He teaches her not to get involved in fights with her classmates and not to trouble them as well. When they reach school, Sanyuri watches Agastya. The latter sees her as well. Agastya sees Sarang and immediately goes to hug him tightly and tells him that he writes either. Sarang smiles as he hugs him as well. The written episode of Story Nine Months Ki ends. Check the full story on Sony TV tonight.

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