This Saturday morning, the popular actor-comedian Vivekh died. He was a renowned personality from the Tamil industry and had people appreciating him for his comic skills. The actor was admitted to a hospital in Chennai after he got a cardiac arrest. He was rushed to the hospital where the doctors treated him for hours. Though the 59-years-old couldn’t win the battle against death and died on 17th April 2021 at 4:35 AM. The entire Tamil industry is mourning the talented artist’s sudden demise and is expressing their grief on social media through tweets and posts.

Tamil Actor Comedian Vivekh

As per sources, Vivekh was taken to the hospital around 11 AM on Thursday. He had lost his consciousness so the doctors immediately provided him with a Coronary angiogram which is an X-ray procedure used to check if the patient’s heart blood flow is affected due to some sort of restrictions or not. Later, the Tamil actor underwent Angioplasty, a procedure that restores the flow of blood. Despite going through extreme treatment, Vivekh’s health kept deteriorating.

In the end, the doctors declared that Vivekh’s health is critical. He was then kept on ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) support. However, nothing seemed to work and the comedian eventually died at 4:35 AM on Saturday. It was also reported that the actor received the covid vaccine on the day he got a cardiac arrest.  Vivekh had always believed in promoting awareness be it any cause.

He took the vaccine when Radhakrishan, the Health Secretary of Tamil Nadu was present there and it was primarily done to spread awareness regarding the pandemic and its particular vaccination. After the actor died, the medical staff of Chennai hospital confirmed that one of his heart vessels suffered 100 per cent blockage. The doctors further stated that the cardiac arrest he suffered was due to the mentioned blockage and it was not in any way related to the covid vaccination he took the same day.

Narendra Modi also expressed his condolences on Vivekh’s untimely death. The Prime Minister also highlighted the actor’s concern on various social issues including the environment and health. Besides the P.M, the composer, A.R Rahman also posted a tweet expressing his sorrow for the actors’ demise. Vivekh’s comic timings and his outstanding stand-up performances based on crucial issues had made him stood out from the crowd.

The 59-years-old always idealized the late APJ Abdul Kalam and had shown his active participation in causes like afforestation (plantation of trees). Tamil Nadu government had also appointed him the ambassador for the same where he worked with an actress named Jyothika. Vivekh’s death has surely shocked his fans while the Tamil industry undoubtedly lost a gem today.

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