The recent episode of Pandya store starts with where Rishita says to Dev that if he takes Raavi’s name again and again in front of her, so it is not appropriate at all. Because if same work she does so he will be feel bad, meanwhile he stops her and says that this minor thing hurts a lot so they will have to concern about each other’s comfort zone. She makes him understand that after bearing numerous problems, they got married so if someone comes between them so it’s not right.

Pandya Store April 16th 2021 Update Today's Episode: Tara & Gautam Advise ShivaThen Dev says to her that it’s been a late-night so they should sleep now and he gets slept but Rishita cries a lot. Other side Gautum’s mother keeps on wondering what happened at the wedding, extempore Gautum comes there along with food. Her mother sees him and says that there is nothing pending to say, but he sits beside her and says that sometimes they have to agree with someone who had a right perception. He says that he accepts that whatever he did all was wrong, but he did not have any option.

After that, he says please beat him as she used to do in his childhood, and she gets emotional because Gautum keeps on apologize to her for his misbehave. Then feed her through his hands meanwhile she says that everything that had to happen is done, but now it’s his responsibility to handle his family by taking a unanimous decision. She says that Dhara also has the same responsibility to handle the circumstances easily so that consequences will be right.

Then Hardik comes to Prafulla’s house and she gets happy after seeing him because she is wondering, that he came here to meet Anita. But he did not come there to meet her, he forgot his purse hence he came, but she thinks that it’s the right time for them to sort out all problems between them. Another side Shiva and Raavi recall all the stuff which they have said to each other, then Dhara and Gautum come there to console them, Guatum sits beside Shiva and Dhara also makes them understand.

Dhara says to him that all battles are the part of our life which we would have to face without stepping back from that. She talks about Raavi with Shiva that her heart’s got shattered and now it’s his duty to handle her, So please make friendship with her and start their relation. But Shiva is not ready for that and Guatum says he will have to do this because now they are husband, so do not forget to watch it on StarPlus at 11:00 Pm. and for more updates connect with us.

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