Today’s episode of Pandya Store begins with Dhara. She asks Rishita if she kept the red Chunri for Mata Ji. Rishita tells her that she did keep the Chunri and asks Dhara if she kept her stick. Dhara gets confused and asks her what stick she is talking about. Rishita replies sarcastically that since she behaves like a headmaster, she must have kept the stick with her. She lashes out at Dhara for always behaving like a teacher. Rishita tells her that they all are grown-ups and know what to do and what not.

Pandya Store Latest 26th April 2021 Written Episode: Today Dev Grabs Shiva's CollarEveryone agrees with Rishita. They ask Dhara to let them enjoy their journey in peace. However, Shiva and Krish do not like the way Rishita talked to Dhara. Dev and Rishita spend some quality time with each other as they sit in the back of the bus. Krish decides to sit there as well. It makes Rishita mad. She says that the entire family is crazy as no one in this house lets her spend time with her own husband.

On another side, Shiva asks Ravi to pull the curtains down as the sunlight is bothering him. Ravi refuses to do so. Shiva and Ravi continue to bicker with each other. Later, Rishita comes along with sandwiches. She offers them to Dhara. Dhara asks if she hadn’t grilled the sandwiches as its taste would have deteriorated by now. Rishita gets upset. Then, she gives the same to Shiva. He also refuses to eat saying it must have gotten worse. Rishita gets shattered.

However, Ravi tells her that she will like to taste the sandwiches. Rishita smiles and says that she is the only member of the family who shows some kind of support to her. After that, the family decides to play Antrakshari. They form two teams where Dhara leads the first team, Rishita goes for the second. They start singing songs and even bicker in between. During the game, Shiva and Dev get into an ugly fight.

The fight gets worsen as the brothers grab each other’s collars. Everyone gets worried and tries to stop them. However, they continue to fight while saying bad things to one another. Later, Dhara and Gautam take Shiva and Dev to a corner and make them understand that they should not fight with each other. Today’s episode of Pandya Store is going to interesting. Catch it on Star Plus and don’t miss the written updates of the show here.

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