In the latest episode of Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha Rajvi is saying that I would like to become a mother who believes in a girl. Nandini says nods yes, Rajvi then says that the groom and his family are not above any of the girls in any possible way. She again then appreciates the courage of a girl that whenever the groom goes along with his procession and another side the bride comes alone to a new world. She again encourages Nandini that you aren’t alone here, she says I with you always but not as a mother-in-law.

Today's Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha (ANNS) 27th April 2021 Written Episode: Rajvi Gets Emotional

Rajvi says that the guy who was trying to force you has to go through me first. She then asks Nandini to arrive in the Mandap. Meanwhile, grandfather comes and says Rajvi to stop all this. He approaches the stage and says that our daughter-in-law is the honor of this house. She says that but our family disrespects Nandini even after being the elder member of this house. He apologizes to Nandini, but Nandini stops him and you are elder and chief of this house either. You ain’t supposed to apologize your younger.

Darsh and Nandini are talking to each other and they reminiscing the moments and give pretty smiles to each other. Just then Gunjan noticed that Shobit is upset, she goes to her holds his hand. Naveen and Bnasuri are performing the rituals of Kanyadann. Rajvi then prepares the bride and groom for nuptial rounds and the priests ask them to take rounds. Shobit there is going somewhere alone. But just the tie of Gatbandhan of Shobit and Gunjan is about to lose but Rajvi somehow stops it. Darsh asks what happened, Rajvi sarcastically says that Shobit is in a hurry to complete this marriage.

Shobit apologizes and says that it is my first time and Gunjan again holds Shobit’s hand. Both the couples take the round. Darsh promises to Nandini and says I will beside you no matter what will happen, but I won’t leave you ever. Rajvi gets emotional as both of her sons are getting married. She says that Shobit and Darsh are equal to her. Gunjan there is thinking that if she won’t live happy after marriage she won’t let Nandini stay happy in her marriage life with Darsh. While Darsh there is thinking that we will be called like Radha and Krishan.

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