The written episode of Apna Time Bhi Aayega begins with Digvijay, Veer’s father. He asks Birju to leave the residence soon. Birju begins to defend himself by saying that he will not follow his orders as in his opinion he misbehaved neither with Nandini nor with Jay. Birju adds that he only interrogated Jay about his conversation with Nandini. Raj Mata gets stunned. She asks if he is actually telling the truth. Birju nods and asks Jay to reveal what was he talking to Nandini. Jay says that he has no idea what Birju is talking about and calls him a liar.

Today's Apna Time Bhi Aayega Written Episode April 16th 2021: Rani's Kidnappers Get ExposedMeanwhile, Vikram arrives. He says that he trusts Birju. Nandini gets annoyed and says how can he believe someone like Birju. Vikram says that she is misunderstood Birju. On another side, Kumud arranges ingredients for the “Gangaur” festival. Kiara notices that and asks Kumud regarding the preparation. Kumud gets sad and says that it would be Rani’s first fast after marriage.

Kumud further adds that she was quite excited about this festival so she thought of prepare for it even she is not here. Kumud goes to Veer and tells him that she believes that Rani will soon return and will celebrate the festival with everyone. Veer gets happy and announces that he will also keep fast for Rani and will wait for her. Kumud smiles and says that they all believe that Rani will come back tomorrow and will accompany in celebrating the festival.

Meantime, Vikram and Kiara also go on a flashback and recall their marriage. In the next scene, Jay begins to leave the house. Kiara sees him and asks him to stay until they are done with the preparations. Jay gets suspicious but still decides to stay. Later, Vijay tells Veer that he found out about Rani. He continues that soon his team will arrive and they will head to the kidnapping location. Jay gets stunned hearing that. He immediately leaves from there to shift Rani to another location.

However, when he reaches, Vikram, Veer, Birju, and Vijay were present there. Jay feels out of his senses suddenly. Veer slaps Jay hard. They ask him about Rani but Jay keeps lying. Vikram tells him that he knows the truth that Nandini gave him the money. On another side, Kiara also reveals that Jay and Nandini are behind Rani’s kidnapping. Get all the written episodes of Apna Time Bhi Aayega here.

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