The most agonistic Tv reality show Bigg Boss Malayalam season 3’s recent episode starts with where Noby Marcos and Adoney John are talking about Soorya J Menon. They talk to each other about her behavior and says that she has a humble nature and they say that she has a different type of presence. As everyone knows that all the housemates have their different perspectives hence they are talking about her nature because she lays the task well but sometimes their nature bothers someone.

Today's Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 Episode Update 6th April 2021: Bhagyalakshmi's Statement On FinaleAs everyone knows that Bigg Boss house has completed 50 days already and more than 5 contestants have evicted from the house. Recently Bhagyalakshmi evicted from the house she is a dubbing artist in the last week Lakshmi, Jayan, Michelle, Ann Daniel, Angel, Remya Panicker, and Mejiziya Bhanu were already got evicted from the house due to lack of voting because everything depends on the hands of viewers because voting can save them and evict them from the house.

Bhagyalakshmi says that according to her Manikuttan has 100% chances to enter in the grand finale due to his popularity. Dimple Bhal also has a chance to enter the grand finale Ramzan and Sandhya also playing well, therefore, everyone is liking their activities which they are doing in the house even they have an attractive face through which everyone likes to watch them on the screen because they have attractive personality through which they are getting numerous votes as well.

As everyone knows hat Bhagyalakshmi spent 50 days in the house she was one of the strongest contestants in the Bigg Boss Malayalam season3. But she had faced a lot of bad circumstances which shattered her, Firoz Khan’s statement bothered her a lot and therefore she declared a hunger strike because he said that if he will be a captain so no one will step back from the duties. But she did not like this and she complains against her to Bigg Boss and demand to apologizes to her for that.

When she announced the hunger strike all housemates tried to make her understand that this strike is not a solution to this, so please take something so that she can feel active. Then she agrees with them and said that she had an apple and milk whenever she will feel hungry she will eat that. But recently she goit evicted from the house and her fans got disappointed from here, so do not forget to watch it on Asianet and for more updates stay connected with us.

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