Today’s Episode Story 9 Months Ki Written Update 1st April 2021: Alia Finds Sarangdhar


In today’s episode of Story 9 Months Ki, we will see that Alia finally succeeds in finding out about Sarangdhar. The episode begins with Alia getting worried about Sarang. As he has gotten kidnapped, Alia is searching everywhere about him. Tonight she will finally find him in Rajgopal’s godown. She takes a breath of relief after seeing Sarang’s face and feels quite good that he got found. This twist will be seen in today’s episode so get ready to experience this amazing storyline in Sony TV’s popular serial. The shocking revelation will be seen tonight only.

Today's Episode Story 9 Months Ki Written Update 1st April 2021: Alia Finds SarangdharPreviously, in the episode, it was shown that Alia worries about Sarang a lot. His kidnapping has affected her a lot. Despite being pregnant, she still prays for his well-being. Along with the severe complications she is facing in her pregnancy, she worries about Sarangdhar a lot. Alia visited the clinic and informed the doctor that she is suffering and also asked him to promise that he won’t reveal this to anyone or else she will get in huge trouble. On anot her side, Kamleshwari also worries about her son. She gets tensed thinking about his possible condition as he has been kidnapped.

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It is then shown that Alia goes to the police station where she had filed an FIR regarding the missing case of Sarang. Shockingly, she takes back the missing complaint. Although there she sees a man who threatens her for nothing. This makes Alia scared. The man warns her to take the complaint back otherwise Sarangdhar will face some bad consequences. After that, Alia goes to the police station and takes back the complaint. Though when she was underway the process of taking complaint back, she falls into an argument with a man gaining everyone’s attention there.

Meanwhile, Alia’s mother arrives. She asks Alia not to lose her temper as they will definitely sort everything out. She takes it back to the hospital where Alia undergoes a regular checkup. The doctor tells her not to take this much stress as it will worsen her health issues. Since she is pregnant, she needs to take proper care of her unborn child. Later, Alia collects some clues to reach Sarang. Well, finally her attempts to find out Sarang gets to succeed. Check this extremely popular serial named Story Nine Months Ki on Sony TV and check the written episodes of the same on our site.

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