We have seen that Prakshi and Anjali saw Sakshi near the rain party. Priya shocked seeing Sakshi in the mansion. Prakashi goes to her and slaps her and holds her firmly. Sakshi screams and Prakashi sacres her and says if you ever try to escape from my cage you won’t be able to walk on your legs. Sakshi gets terrified and Prakshi leaves. Prakashi there is again planning something against Purvi and Virender. She further says that now we will overtake Molkki once and for all. She says to stop the medications of Sakshi.

Today's Molkki Latest Written Update 27th April 2021 Episode: Virender's Family Reaches GoaMeanwhile, Anjali suggests Prakshi something, but Prakshi interrupts her in between. She says leaves all the planning on me, Anjali says for she is heading up to know. Prakashi says that you will know soon about my plan, but before wait for a while. She says Molkki will be stunned and won’t able to understand that what happened to her. Virender there asking Purvi to choose a house. Virender says that he has got a farmhouse in Goa. Purvi gets curious and says you didn’t tell me before that you have a beachside mansion.

Virender makes Purvi sit and says that all these mansions are nothing in front of you. He then says that I will show this mansion to you, she says I was saying just like that, But Virender says that you are my priority. He then says that I have finalized Goa as our wedding destination. Purvi thanks Virender for such an adorable gift. Juhi and Manas also get elated and Virender asks Prakashi to prepare for the wedding. She tells Purvi to invite Sudha and Purvi as well the fun would be double if they are together with us.

Virender along with his entire family heading to Goa and Sudha and Priyu join them for Goa. Purvi then asks Sudha about Sakshi. At the same time, kids ask Purvi to come alone. Sudha knows that she can’t disclose that Sakshi is missing. Sudha later says that she will tell the truth after her marriage gets done along with Virender. Virender then asks everyone to hustle otherwise they will miss the flight. Prakashi there is planning to take Sakshi along to Goa. They both reached Goa and Prakashi captivate Sakshi is one of Goa’s resorts. Get the further episode on Colors at 10 PM and stay tuned with Social Telecast for Molkki Written Update.

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