In the latest episode of Molkki, we are watching that Virender along with his family to Goa. He also invited Sudha and Priyu to his wedding. While Prakashi and Anjali bring Sakshi along with them and captivated her in one of the rooms of the resort. Virender there tries to enter the room of Purvi at midnight. But as Virender enters the room just then Prakashi knocks at the door. They both stunned and Virender hide under the bed. Purvi opens the door and Prakshi gives her their heritage necklace for her wedding day.

Today's Molkki Written Update 28th April 2021 Episode: Sakshi Seeks For HelpLater, Purvi goes to Virender and asks him to leave the room, but they again get shocked hearing Mamaji’s voice. Virender again hides under the bed, Purvi opens the door and Mamaji asks Purvi about Virender. He further asks if he is inside I have heard her voice. But Purvi somehow handles the things. Mamaji goes from there. Virender comes out of bed but again kids enter the room and Virender again hides under the bed. Virender gets frustrated thinking that he doesn’t get time to spend along with Purvi. He thinks that he has to do something otherwise, he has to spend the entire night under this bed.

Virender is about to leave and Purvi asks where is he going, Virender says I  haven’t any choice left instead to kidnapping you. Virender takes her to the beach and shows her the view. Purvi amazed to see the view and they both sit there and Virender rests on her lap. Virender says I have scrambled a lot just to sit along with you peacefully. He says that he is feeling like love is coming back in his life after a long. While Virender and Purvi are busy talking with each other and Sakshi is seeing them through the window.

Purvi says that you are forgetting something, Virender asks what is that. Purvi replies that you assured me that you will apply Haldi to me. Virender says that I told you that I forgot everything when I was along with you. Bit Purvi says that I have brought some Haldi and tells him to apply it on her face. Sakshi is seeking help but Purvi and Virender don’t notice anything. Get the complete episode of Molkki on Colors TV at 10 PM today. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest updates on Molkki Written Update.

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