Tara and Mayura escaped from Omkar’s man sight and eloping together away from Omkar. Tara suggests Mayura hiding behind a truck, Omkar and his men are chasing them. Tara says that we are going to win this game for sure. But at the same time, Mayura feels dizzy and fall down on the road. Tara starts weeping and asks her to get up. Just then Tara noticed that a car is approaching them, she hugs Mayura and as the car reaches close to them Tara screams. A lady comes out of the car and goes to Mayura. She calls her guards and takes Mayura in his car.

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Today's Pinjara Khubsurti Ka Written Update 13th April 2021: Taara Meets VishakhaJust then Omkar overhears Tara’s voice and follows that, he also orders his men to search Tara. Meanwhile, he received a call and get Tara’s information through that. Omkar reaches Akhilesh’s house and says that it was a try but go in vain. Surekha asks him to leave her house immediately. At the same time, his guards bring some other woman, mistaken her as Mayura. Omkar asks where is Mayura. On another side, Mayura comes in senses and screams for Mayura. The strange lady comes to her and says that Tara is along with her.


The strange lady introduces herself as Mayura and asks if she will get Rs 50,000 for an act. Mayura asks why did you help me. Vishaka says that no one comes in front to help me when I was facing such difficulties so that is why she decides to help all the unaided woman like you. Mayura asks what happened to her, Vishaka shares that her husband used to torment her for dowry and also lost her baby because of her husband.

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Vishaka then says that now she has nothing to lose and she feels the immense power of a woman. She then encourages Mayura to live life on their own terms and confront Omkar with equal strength. In between, Mayura received Omkar’s call and he started yelling at him to return Tara. Vishaka again encourages Mayura to confront him and make him tastes his own medicines.

He warns her if she wants her family free so then she has to return Tara to him. Manjiri tells Omkar to take revenge from Mayura for captivating Tara. Shankar says that you still think of revenge from her even after hurting her family. On another side, Mayura also getting prepared to confront Omkar. The episode ends, stay tuned for further Pinjara Khubsurti Ka written update.

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