At the beginning of Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani, Anokhi gets confused as she keeps thinking about Shaurya. She shakes this feeling and thinks that she must focus on her studies for now. Meanwhile, Anokhi gets a call from Shaurya. She thinks to apologize to him and wonders if he sensed that she was thinking about him. Anokhi thinks that Ahir said so much to him today and that she must apologize to him regarding the same. Whereas, her mind keeps taking her back to the questions of why Shaurya called her in the first place.

Today's Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani Written 5th April 2021 Episode Update: Shaurya Feels For Anokhi?

Alast, Anokhi decides not to answer Shaurya’s call. The latter feels bad as his call didn’t get an answer. He plans to drop a message to her. Anokhi receives a notification and immediately checks it. Shaurya has sent her “Talk to me”. Anokhi doesn’t answer the message either. Shaurya gets pissed and thinks if she is ignoring him. However, later he realizes that why is he giving much thought to her. How does it matter if Anokhi is ignoring her or not, he shouldn’t get affected.

On another side, Devi calls Shaurya. She asks him about his whereabouts. Shaurya informs her that he has come here for some work. Devi asks him to return home on time. Shaurya hangs up and thinks if he should call Anokhi one more time while Anokhi thinks the same. Meanwhile, it begins to rain. Anokhi drops the idea of calling Shaurya. On another side, Shaurya gets stunned to see Shagun standing in front of his car. He steps out to check but finds no one there.

At last, Anokhi calls Shaurya but the latter doesn’t answer. He is struggling since his car had broken down. Later, Anokhi calls Babli and tells her that this rain came unexpectedly and that it is not a good sign. She continues that this sudden rain might bring some troubles in their lives. Babli tells her that the trouble has started as she had given interviews thrice but rejected in every single one. Anokhi asks her not to worry and suggests her to talk to Vicky once.

Devi and Shagun talk about their plan. Shagun tells Devi that Shaurya did see her and even had stepped out of his car to see her. Devi gets happy and says that she just wants them to get back together. On another side, Shaurya knocks at Anokhi’s door. The latter gets shocked when Sahurya enters her hostel’s room. Check Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani on Star Plus and find out what happens next in the story. Till then, read other updates of the serial here on our site.

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