Well, in the all-new episode of Bawara Dil we will watch that Bai is telling that it is getting more difficult with each day passing. She says it is also getting hassle to saving you continuously. Bai says we can even hide things from people for a long. She says that all these endanger my political career either, Bai continues that we have to find Sidhi soon anyhow. She then asks if Sidhi is in a relationship with another guy before she meets you. Shiva says yes and tells her that she was along with a guy named Gaurav.

Bawara Dil 22nd April 2021

Shiva says that he is also missing, Bai says that your wife has been eloped along with her lover. Shiva says that I am thinking this too and says that he told Jawla to look for Gaurav in Pune. Bai says that it is not the time to trust other people and asks her to find Gaurav on her own. She suggests Shiva even beating Gaurav and but finds out Sidhi anyhow. She gets agrees with her and leaves from there.

Bawara Dil 22nd April 2021

Janhvi there strolling on the raid and in between she has been stopped by Narpat. She gives a weird look to him and Narpat asks her to come in the car as he needs to some words with you. Narpat then says that it is about Shiva. Janhvi stops. Meanwhile, Jalwa comes to Shiva and says that he got Gaurav. He further informs that he shits to another house but still living in Pune. Shiva along with Jalwa comes to Gaurav’s residence but it was locked. Just then a lady comes and Shiva enquiries her about Gaurav. The lady says that he left along with his family when his son’s marriage got cancelled.

Narpat and Janhvi collaborated as Janhvi wants Shiva back. Shiva returns and Soni comes to her and asks if it is true that you got married. Shiva says that this is rumour who told you this. At the same time, Janhvi comes and says that I have disclosed the truth in front of everyone. She says that I told them we got married in the temple. Shiva didn’t understand what is going on and everyone looks at Shiva. Shiva asks everyone to leave as he wants to talk to Janhvi. He asks what is she up to as he is a married man now. Janhvi says that she wants him at any cost. Janhvi influenced Shiva’s mind with her words. Stay in the loop for more Bawra Dil written updates on Social Telecast.

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