In your favourite show’s latest episode you will watch Pragya considered the killer, and she successfully convinces Abhi for racing with her until the parking lot comes and she tries to resemble herself like a driver. She lurks at Abhi in the car and tries to distract the killer so that he won’t be able to find and kill Abhi. Soon the killer took over her and suddenly Abhi comes out of the place where he was being hidden and sees Pragya getting strangled. Suddenly the killer succeeds to run out from there when a bunch of people gathers.

Kumkum Bhagya 7th April 2021

In the next scene, you will watch, Rabeer giving sleeping pills to Tanu through a glass of water, meanwhile, Pragya tries to control Aalia so that Ranbeer will be able to make Tanu in dope, when Aalia goes to Tanu she finds her slew and she thinks that Tanu is drunk. Ranbeer makes Pragya realize that they will be doing the work together but he gets shocked when he sees Aalia manages to bring Tanu to the mandap.

Aalia calls Gayatri home and starts scolding her and says why you took Abhi out of the house. Gayatri tells that somebody is bent on trying to kill Abhi, then Aalia lifts her veil. There, doctors tell his assistant that the chances of Abhi’s recovery are high and this all happened due to the shock that he got from the incident. Pragya denies leaving, Aalia checks Pragya saying that you can stay in the house if she will incur all the expenses of Abhi’s treatment. She says that she will bear all the expenses, Aalia and Tanu throw her out of the house.

Tonight you will also watch Aalia says that the person behind the veil will be responsible and she gets to succeed in unveiling Pragya’s face. Aalia says that Pragya is the only name due to which Abhi is facing all the threats and attacks and she says to Mitali “Throw out Pragya” on this Pragya begs that “Leave me as Abhi need me” but nobody listens to her. As the makers of the show keep on trying to make the show more interesting so that all the viewers can stick to the screen at the time of the show and there is no doubt that they succeed in this. Well, it has seen that the show is going in pretty well. There will be some more amazing twists in the show so don’t forget to watch it on TV and stay tuned to get all the latest updates on this show.

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