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Watch Tujhse Hai Raabta, 20th May 2021, Written Update

The episode commences with Sarthak as he says to Malhar that he thinks Aswari is changed now. Malhar says that he doesn’t think so. Aswari comes there and says to them not to fight because of her. She goes away and makes a call to someone and asks him to find Anupriya’s daughter. She says to that man that Anupriya’s daughter is a golden egg. She takes out a photo of a girl who is seeing her from the tempo. Moksh also asks Malhar to forgive Aswari.

Tujhse hai raabta

Later, Sarthak says to him that Aswari is going to stay in this house. Malhar says if she will stay here then he has to break his relationship with him and does the same. Malhar leaves from there along with Moksh and Kalyani. They arrived at their house and get shocked to see Abhimanyu there who brings sweets and balloons with him. He tells them that Malhar got promoted as Commissioner of the Narcotic Department. Kalyani gets happy hearing him and hugs Malhar. Abhimanyu gets jealous seeing all this. Kalyani feeds sweet to Malhar when Abhimanyu is about to feed her. She says that first, Malhar deserves the sweet.

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Kalyani goes to Anupriya and feeds her sweet. She tells her that Malhar got the promotion. After that, she goes to Sarthak to tell him about Malhar’s promotion. on the other hand, Sarthak questions Aswari about his daughter. She avoids him making an excuse. Then he asks her to show the picture of her daughter. She thinks if he gets the photo then he will find her. he takes out the photo but deliberately falls in front of Kalyani when she came there. She tears that picture and moves. Sarthak says to Kalyani that why she came here. She tells him about Malhar’s promotion.

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First, he gets happy to hear the news but then again gets angry. She asks him for something sweet but he denies it. She makes him eat sweet saying for Moksh’s sake. She tells him that Malhar bought a new Bungalow and they are going to shift there. He says he will join them only when Malhar allows Aswari to stay with them. She agrees. They enter the house following all the rituals. Moksh asks Kalyani to play with him. Kalyani notices Aswari and Sarthak there.



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