Udaariyaan 20th March 2021 Written Episode Update

Udaariyaan 20th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Fateh seeing Jasmin. He tries to talk to her. Jasmin tries some dupattas. Fateh smiles seeing her. His friend asks him to go to Jasmin and talk. Fateh goes to the trial room. He smiles and prepares to talk. Jasmin tries the dress in the trial room. Tejo gets her call. Jasmin asks her to come and check out her dress. Jasmin goes out to show her dress. Tejo comes there to the trial room to check Jasmin’s dress. He says I know you better than myself, since I saw you for the first time, I didn’t wish to see anyone else, I just see you everywhere. She asks how can you say that. He says let me talk, I got courage by difficulty.

He says I have a request, refuse for the alliance, because our heart strings will connect. He confesses love to her. Tejo gets shocked. He says you will also fall in love with me, the moment you see me. She goes to confront him. He sees her and says I swear, I was proposing someone else here. She scolds him. She asks him to have some shame. He says I respect girls a lot. She argues with him. He asks her to leave him, she is highly mistaken. She says misunderstanding doesn’t happen all the time, you came between me and my love. Jasmin is at the cash counter. Tejo goes to her. Jasmin asks why are you so angry. Tejo says I met a cheapster, forget it. They leave from the mall. Jas looks on.

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The manager stops her at the gate. He says sorry, we have to check your bags. The machine beeps. Tejo and Jasmin get worried. Jas smiles. Jasmin says this tshirt isn’t mine. Tejo says why would we lie, we just showed you the bill. The manager says you have to come with me to the office. Jasmin says we have no time, let us go. He asks them to pay 20 times the price and go. Tejo says we will come along, check the cctv cameras. They go. Fateh sees Jasmin in trouble. Jasmin requests the manager again. Tejo checks the cctv footage. Manager says we have to see how did the tshirt come in the bag.

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Fateh says I will not leave that man. His friend asks him to go in style. Fateh says its my tshirt, where did you get it. He scolds the guard. He apologizes to Jasmin. Guard says sorry, you can’t go. Jasmin says I will file the case. Fateh tries to impress her. He asks guard to call the manager. Tejo sees the cctv footage. She scolds the manager. Fateh smiles seeing Jasmin. His friend asks him to confess love. Fateh gets stuck when he meets a relative. He tries to follow Jasmin. Jasmin and Tejo leave. Jas gets his mum’s call and gives the update.

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Jasmin and Tejo prepare for the interview. Tejo prepares her with the knowledge. Jasmin gets stressed. Tejo asks her to close her eyes and sees herself as a queen. She explains Jasmin. She asks her to sleep now. Jasmin goes to get some sleep. Tejo says you will remember everything, don’t worry, I m there with you. Tejo hugs her. They go to sleep. Jasmin wakes up.

She tries to study. She sits awake all night. Its morning, Satti and Biji surprise them. They wish the girls, sing and dance. Tejo and Jasmin reach the competition at the ball. They hear the announcement. Tejo asks Jasmin is she nervous. Jasmin says no, we will write our wishes on the fighter planes, our wish will get fulfilled. Fateh gets Jasmin’s wish and throws it away. He reads Tejo’s wish and likes it. He prays that her wish gets fulfilled. He says my wish will also get fulfilled.



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