Vanlata Accepts Nandini & Darsh’s Alliance


The recent episode of Aapki Nazro Ne Samjha starts with where Valnata expresses her feelings for the alliance between Nandini & Darsh in front of Rajvi. But Rajvi thinks that this lady does not do anything without her benefit so what is the reason behind it that first she refused their alliance and now she is accepting. Then Vanlata puts her condition ahead of Rajvi and she says she thought the same for her that she can do anything without her benefit.

Aapki Nazro Ne Samjha Read 2nd April 2021 Written Update: Vanlata Accepts Nandini & Darsh's AllianceThen Rajvi says to Vanlata that she is doing all this only for the money but Vanlata refuses and says that whether they are not rich enough but they have ethics which does not allow them for this. Vanlata mentions that she is worried about Nandini that how she will handle and manage her house after marrying Darsh, because they have such a big house, and such a big responsibility so hence she is taking tension for it because of her upbringing done by her in such a small place, so she does not know how to manage the big house.

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After that, she puts her condition regarding this alliance she says Nandini will need someone to help her after marriage to manage the responsibilities. So she wants that fix the marriage of her younger son with Gunn if she agrees with her so she will allow for this relationship. Rajvi shows her anger by saying that it is not appropriate at all she can not fix her younger son’s marriage without informing him, for the sack of Darsh happiness so it can not happens


It Shobit’s birthday and he wants to invite Charmi but she refuses to attend his Birthday because she has urgent work. But Shobit tries to convince her by saying that he loves to watch her on his birthday she mentions that if she comes so what he will mention when Rajvi would ask about her. He says that if Rajvi will ask about her so he will mention that she is a best friend of him but she gets upset and says that if he can not mention her as his girlfriend so how will he talk about their marriage.

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Charmi says that today is the right day to talk about their marriage because it’s his birthday and Rajvi can not say no to this. Another side Vanlata says that it’s not a big condition which she can not even accept for the sack of Darsh happiness. She mentions that Gunn has all those qualities which Nandini has so she will not disappoint her at all in the future, so do not forget to watch it on Star Plus at 06:00 PM.

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