The latest episode of Apna Time Bhi Aayega starts wherein Rani is saying to Veer that you throw this paper to me and asks me to come out. Veer is trying to say something and I didn’t throw it to you may have Vikram give it to you. Veer says that I wanted to call you here as I want to say something to you. She then asks why Vikram said that I didn’t do anything. Vikram says he was thinking to hang out together. Vikram says that Veer is quite boring, Kiara agrees with Vikram.

(ATBA) Apna Time Bhi Aayega Written Update 28th April 2021: Veer and Rani Spend Quality TimeVeer then says that Kiara is not well so she must take some rest instead of hanging out. Veer then says that Vikram is mischievous but you are intelligent, so also know that it is crucial to take rest. But Kiara still backs Vikram and says that you are right for Veer as he is not interesting at all. Veer agrees with them and tells them that they can go out to enjoy themselves but I will take some tests. Kiara asks Vikram to go out and they both leaves.

Vikram noticed that Rani is sleeping, Kiara suggests preparing a plan. Vikram goes to Rani and informs her that we are planning for a trip. He then goes to Rani and asks her to make Veer agree to the trip. Vikram then says to Kiara ta take your medicines. But Kiara interrupts her and says do not behave like your brother Veer. Vikram then takes her medicines and Kiara consumes her medicines. Kiara is noticing everything and says you are much concerned for me.

Vikram remembers the happy moments of their wedding. Vikram says best friends ought to take care of each other. Rani there comes out and again gets a paper wherein it is instructing Rani to cross the bridge and turn right. Along with that, it has also been written that I am aware you are craving snacks.

While Rani is walking on the bridge, Veer comes there and holds her hand, Rani blushes. Veer then shows Rani the view, she gets impressed seeing the scenario. Rani and Veer both sit there on the floor and talk. Catch the complete episode on Zee TV at 7 PM today. Stay in the loop with Social Telecast for more information regarding Apna Time Bhi Aayega written update.

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