Bharathi Kannamma is one of the popular television shows airing on Vijay TV. The people wait for the telecast with so much excitement. Let’s just get the written episode of the serial. It begins with Lakshmi. She says to Kannamma that the father who actually loves their children make sure to take them to places they have never been before. They care for them and even buys them good things to make them happy. She further continues that she doesn’t like her father at all. Kannamma tells her that she should not write about her father as he is not worth it.

Vijay TV Barathi Kannamma Today's April 18th 2021 Written Episode: Soundarya Questions BharathiOn another hand, Lakshmi kind of ignores her. Later, Lakshmi informs her that one day when she was switching the channels on TV she came across a video song about a father and daughter chemistry. Lakshmi continues that the video made her extremely upset. Kannamma feels bad either and immediately takes Lakshmi into a hug. However, in the end, both Kannamma and Lakshmi conclude that worrying is not the solution as of now and they need to let go of their emotions at least for now. Lakshmi says that she will focus on becoming a collector.

In the next scene, Soundarya comes to Hema and asks her to recite the table of 6. However, she had not asked her this way as she asked her to recite the 6th Vaippadu. Hema didn’t understand what she was asking. Later, Akhil and Soundarya teased Hema for not getting the basic term. Though, Hema understood what she was asking and quickly recited the entire table. After that, Hema tells Soundarya that she needs to have a conversation with Kannamma. She adds that Bharathi had asked to have the meal from the cooking aunty only once.

Meanwhile, Bharathi arrives with a packet of butter. She says that she has brought this, especially for Hema. Soundarya asks her if she is planning to use the ghee in every dish she will prepare from now on. Later, Soundarya tells her that Hema is happy with the dishes prepared by the cooking aunt. Tonight’s episode of Bharathi Kannamma is going to be filled with entertainment and strings of twists. Catch the episode on Star Vijay TV at 10 AM. Check out what is there to take place in the upcoming episode of the Tamil show. Follow to read the written episodes of the show here. Stay tuned!

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