Star Vijay TV telecasts some really amazing shows that entertain the mass audience. In the huge list of the shows, Murattu Singles is one. The contestants will give competition to one another to secure the appealing title. In today’s episode of the show, the male contestants will be seen making an attempt to impress the female ones. The girls will pretend like they are hard to get but in the end, one of the participants surely comes out as the winner. Everyone just have to give their best output and wait for the results to be disclosed at the end.

Vijay TV Murattu Singles April 17th 2021 Written Episode: Check Today's HighlightsAs every weekend features some special guests, this episode will also feature two guests. They belong to the Tamil industry and will take their seats to enjoy the performances of the participants. MaKaPa Anand who hosts the show organizes the entire tasks which are performed by the boys at the end. The tasks include some dance performances, acting, some times the participants even have to sing in order to impress at least a single female contestant.

The females also judge everything to declare their final results. The young boys go through some hurdles and the challenges get added when some guests express their desire. Then the participants have to fulfill their wish and have to perform that particular task. The hosts keep pulling the leg of everyone during the course of the task’s commencement. For those unaware, there are some points given to the contestants.

At the end of the episode, the scores are compared. Whoever contestant gets the highest scores to get the title of winner of that particular episode. The competition is for that title only. The girl judges then give their judgment on the young boys’ performances. Participants also enjoy the tasks as sometimes the tasks contain some hilarious requirements. Talking about the contestants, there are 6 participants who are still in the run to become the champion.

The contestants’ names are Kutty Gopi, Eniyan, Abhishek Kumar, Vijay, Sam Vishal, and Silmisiam Siva. Moving on to the female judges they are Sreenithi, Yaashika Anand, Jacquline, Sreethu Krishnan, and Maya S Krishnan. The entire team gives fun-filled content to the viewers. Murattu Singles is getting liked by so many people of South India. They are giving the show immense love and affection. You can watch the show on Star Vijay Television on Sunday at 1:30 PM. Follow to find out more about the show.

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