The recent episode of Aapki Nazro Ne Samjha starts with where Bansuri gets worried about Nandini and Gunjan because it’s their first time at their in-law’s house. But she is not getting a suitcase of Nandini in which she keeps her clothes because Gunjan hides that through which she can not look fantabulous as she is looking. Nandini consoles her by saying that she does not need these items because Darsh understands her gesture by his telepathy, So her clothes do not make any difference between Darsh and Nandini.

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 9th April 2021 Today's Episode Update: Vipul Refuses to Accept NandiniNandini mentions that Darsh blessed with a boon through which he feels each and everything and his analyzing always perfect. Darsh sends a car to pick them meanwhile Bansuri is not feeling good that her younger sister is going to her in-law’s house first time and she does not have nice clothes. Vipul Raval refuses to accept Nandini and Gunjan as their daughter-in-law because they got fake news from the doctor that Darsh can get back his eyesight, so they think that there is no need to fix their wedding with these girls.

After that, Darsh’s uncle also refuses it and says that now they should concern about his eyesight neither this relationship, meanwhile he mentions that they can not maintain the consistency of their family. So it’s better to reject them and focus on him but his Grandfather makes them understand that there is no need to take any decision unless Rajvi is not here. Because as per his perception Nandini is the perfect life partner for him and he will live happily with her.

Parul expresses her feeling by saying that both girls are coming here so it’s not nice to tell them about this, But Vipul is not ready to understand anything and says please tell them that do not need to come here at all. Parul makes a call to Nandini and tries to inform them but meanwhile, Grandfather arrives there and stops her to inform them regarding this. He orders Parul that whenever they will come here she has to welcome them properly without being partial.

Bansuri cleans Gunjan’s room and she figured out that she hide Nandini’s cloth bag so that she can not look gorgeous. On another side, they both reach there and after seeing them Vipul’s mood gets spoiled because he does not want to see them near their house now. Nirali also comes there and says that she is here to meet Nandini and she is not feeling good that Parul is welcoming her instead of Rajvi. So do not forget to watch it on Starplus at 06:00 PM and for more updates stay connected with us.

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